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Moorish or Morish

Yes, that was lunch, both moorish and morish.

Dried shiitake

Dried shiitake was soaked in Chardonnay

Pork cubes delicately burnt golden in a Chardonnay and Shiitake sauce on whole rice, with crispy boiled cualiflower and a cheese and parsley sauce.

Oh, I do spoil myself.

After last week’s trials and tribulations, I bloody well deserve some spoiling.

First of all, I must thank those who came to my rescue and suggested Open Office, d/loaded and installed and tested. Absolutely marvelous, one more rigid digit in the Microsoft direction. Unfortunately, I think the spellchecker was linked to MS, because it’s missing on all applications. While my powersof spelling are fairly finely honed, my typing is not; therefore, I rely on spellchecker to bring things to my attention.

Nothing’s perfect.

I am still installing various programmes that I use, a painstaking task. I was so frustrated trying to find the audio driver, I was sure I had transferred a copy of it to my external drive. I had, I fould it last night; too late, I had refound it and installed it. Now I have a copy in two places.

Wrong boot

Wrong boot path

I have almost completed my blog postings for today, I have two to go. Saturdays are mostly easy, because Satireday posts are usually just one image. But I have to google for images, as my image bank remains on old D drive which I can’t connect, because it wants to be the Master drive and it is just a storage drive; BIOS isn’t giving me the SATA drive option to force the correct BOOT path.

I commented on one post, that last week my PC was suffering from PMT.

Monaco’s royal couple are expecting. That’s headline news, like it doesn’t happen to every woman on the planet, or at least is capable of happening.

The Nigerian woman and her two daughters have been given a short reprieve from deportation to Nigeria where the daughters face FGM at the hands of relatives.

My opinion is that if she is deported and the daughters suffer this horrendous Muslim ritual, that those responsible for her deportation face criminal charges in abetting the FGM, which is against the law in Britain. My further opinion is, that the bastards should be publicly hung. The reprieve is only for another two days. I watch developments with interest.

Girls waiting with trepidation to be 'cut'

Girls waiting with trepidation to be ‘cut’

For those who have no idea what FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) is.

This is a brutal act, without anesthethetic, these girls will have their external genitalia and clitoris removed. It is a horrible, bloody and barbaric ritual; many of the girls die.

Another bash at Islam, the woman in Sudan facing 100 lashes and the death sentence because she married a Christian… She is accused of apostacy, leaving Islam, and adultery because her marriage to a Christian is not accepted by Muslim law. She was never a Muslim, her father, a Muslim,  deserted the family soon after her birth and she was raised as an Orthodox Christian. She gave birth to her daughter last week while in shackles in prison and not taken to a medical facility.

In Saudi Arabia, a youth who was 17 at the time he was accused of committing offences against the state, has been sentenced to death. The authorities waited until he was 18 before charginging him as an adult, because as a youth he could not be sentenced to death.

The world is full of real bastards; and it makes me sick. It makes me ashamed to be classed as human along side them.

 Breaking News:

The Sudanese woman is to be freed. BBC Link

Someone has come to their senses.

Time to do something constructive. I believe I will construct a beer.




Things that are sent to try us

NOmsofficeNot all plain sailing.

Shortly after my post yesterday I discovered some anomalies. First, there was no sound (fix later); second there was no MS Office (started to pull hair out).

Why? Why me?

Another time I used this same disk it didn’t affect the sound, it loaded MS Office… why now?

I went to work and after I went out for dinner to BBQ restaurant. Ate a lot of dead cow and salads because I had neglected my diet because of PC problems.

audiomuteiconGot home and tried to find driver for sound. Hahahahahahahaha! I wanted a download, I didn’t want a forum, I didn’t want a technical .pdf, I didn’t want all the crap I was offered with false links, I didn’t want Walmart… I just wanted to download the freacken’ driver, damn it!

I went to bed.

I tried again from 7am, then a stroke of genius. Went to PC manufacturers page/drivers found what I was looking for d/loaded, installed… And now I have sound, glorious sound. But I still don’t have OFFICE!

I use Office a lot, I need Office!

I also need more coffee!

I got CorelDraw10 installed this morning, so I was able to illustrate the next story.

Curious thing. MS want their cake and eat it too.


The Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed

Once upon a time, the three little pigs had a wonderful operating system called XP, then the Big Bad Wolf decided to huff and puff and blew it away. Then they had Vista, the three little pigs hated it; so they painted Vista and call it 7, then they totally crapped out and made 8, the three little pigs weren’t at all happy, there was no ‘start’ button, so along came 8.1. Now the three little pigs still didn’t like it and kept using XP. So the Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed and blew the support for XP away in April. Hoping that the three little pigs would migrate to 8, etc. But the three little pigs, didn’t migrate, in fact the Chinese little government pigs banned all government usage of 8.

XP still lives, and the Big Bad Wolf still wants to sell it.

If there’s no support from the Big Bad Wolf, then the programme should bloody well become FREEWARE. The Big Bad Wolf can’t have his bacon cake and eat it too!

I posted a story on Tomus yesterday about the oldest goldmine ever discovered. It’s in Georgia, but you can read the post over there.

It reminded me of a similar sad story.

Years ago, when I was a tour guide in Bolivia, our first port of call was Uyuni, then a two day tour of the Salar de Uyuni (salt flats) after staying the night in Alota (should have been called Notalota) we passed coloured lakes with beautiful pink flamengos, the still fuming Ollagüe volcano and then made our way about lunch time to the pueblo of San Cristobal. The feature in this pueblo was the old cathedral, the only adobe cathedral in South America.

San Cristobal with its adobe cathedral

San Cristobal with its adobe cathedral in the background

The pueblo had a silver mine, most of the men worked there; including the caretaker of the cathedral, so it was difficult to get inside for a look. I managed once.

Then along came American miners and decided that the biggest seam of silver ran right beneath the pueblo. So they moved the pueblo into new concrete block housing with running water, electricity and satellite TV, none of which the people had ever had before. Once they had moved the village, they had the problem with the cathedral, being adobe, it couldn’t be moved. So scratch one cathedral and they built a horrible stone replica in the new village.

Totally devoid of character

Totally devoid of character

And the village…

Nothing but a hole in the ground

Nothing but a gaping hole in the ground

A sad, sad end to a magnificent sight.

I haven’t been there for many years. When I learned of the destruction, I cried.



I know you like quickies

Not this kind of Quickie

Not this kind of Quickie

I know you like ‘quickies’, so do I.

Just to let you know, that I am back on the PC, the install went as planned, so far no hiccoughs.

So now the rest of the day will be spent installing FireFox (done), logging in to WP (done) getting my emails sorted (to do) and all the programmes I usually use.

A laboriously thankless task, but if all goes well, I’ll be back to normal before classes this afternoon.

I followed Andrew’s advice (see comments yesterday) and gave IT the middle finger for the night.

middle fingerNow, I’m back at it. Couldn’t continue because the damned thing couldn’t find the I386 file. So, I have changed to an older disk and so far things seem to be going right, even the serial that I found for XP install… 🙂 At the moment, it’s loading files and has 27 minutes to run. *Crosses fingers*

Things are still moving along fine. Installing the Start Menu, with 19 minutes to go.

Need more coffee, can’t stand the suspense.

Got coffee, still can’t stand the suspense.

While I was making the coffee, I opened the kitchen window… sqeeeaaak! Reminding me that I should one day oil it. The 3-in-1 was in the living room, so I oiled the hinges. In doing so discovered that the last time Clorinha knocked it off the shelf, the lid had cracked, now the kitty litter, the cardboard play box and the floor won’t squeak either.


There’s more than one way to skin a cat! *eyes Clorinha*

Now I have to disconnect here and and plug net into PC to establish Wi-Fi link.



Up in Smoke

Off to the dentist first.

Back home, trying to repair the installation that I succeeded in doing at 2am and didn’t work fully.

I was up again before 7am and haven’t managed much until now.

My SATA plug looks pretty much like this

My SATA plug looks pretty much like this

My SATA CD-ROM literally went up in smoke.

Clouds of smoke came from the back. Emergency shutdown and unplugged, the plug was melted and one of the pins is melted into it.

So out of four drives, I am down to one functional; and that’s what it is doing now, functioning.

I have managed to convince it to reformat the old Linux HD, let’s keep our fingers crossed that the reinstall goes well.


Trying again.

This time doing a full format, that’ll take a couple of hours. It’s a 500Gb drive, so it’s worth saving and getting it to work.

Really Big Dump Truck

Really Big Dump Truck

With everything that went wrong yesterday, for a Tuesday, it was worthy of a Monday.

I feel as if all the shit in the world arrived in one of these and dumped the lot on me.

Blogging has become a little onerous with these PC problems, all the images that I have stored for future posts, are locked in my other drive until I can recover them. So my posts are going to be a bit  thin on the ground.  Also the unfamiliarty of the laptop is not helping.

I have been a naughty boy. Frequently I have used google as a verb, apparently that’s a no no.

Google is frightened that its name will wile away into obscurity and lose its commercial value like Aspirin and Xerox. I am waiting for the ‘net police’ to pounce on me. *shaking in my boots*

I have had lunch. I dismantled five sausages, chopped and onion and some parsley and made hamburger type patties. Tasty. All washed down with a  large beer handle of Chardonnay and sparkling mineral water. I know, I’m  a peasant, but it makes a refreshing food washerdowner.

Rained a fair bit overnight and now it is very cool. Clorinha has found a comfy spot in the middle of the sofa to wile away the day and I am about to do the same thing on the bed. No classes today.

Only about 15 days to go before the World Cup. I’m afraid it’s not going to be a peaceful affair. More about that another time.





Have you Flonked your Dwile?

No, I haven’t gone mad.

I just read about Dwile Flonking, and simply had to do a google, hence a wiki…

“The non-flonking team joins hands and dances in a circle around a member of the flonking team, a practice known as “girting”. The flonker dips his dwile-tipped “driveller” (a pole 2–3 ft long and made from hazel or yew) into a bucket of beer, then spins around in the opposite direction to the girters and flonks his dwile at them.”Wikipedia

So there, dwile flonking exists. Read more on the link. It’s interesting, just full of swadgers, gazunders and wantons.

This is dwile flonking for your edification…

Now back to more mundane matters.

The temporary filling I had back in February appears to be about to give up the ghost. So off to the dentist I went. Tuesday, he’s closed. So I went to the screw shop, which was nearby, and got my screws.

Just before going to the dentist, my PC died. Dentist was more pressing.

I got back and tried to recover PC problem. It didn’t want to be recovered. So I am on my laptop. I have never used the laptop on the net at home before, so I was very pleased when I plugged it in that all seemed to function well.

I still have the problem with my PC. It started off okay, better than normal in fact, then it decided it didn’t want to read the CD-ROM. I let out a decisive ‘Bugger!’ and after changing ROMs ( I have four) and none of them worked, I cranked up the laptop.

So I can now finish this post.

Which I have now done.

The headline news… Kardashan and West are doing something; getting married, I think. Who gives a shit, give us some real news, something important.

I have to organise myself. As I am using my portable table, I am side on to my normal position. I just caught myself having lit a cigarette only to find one is already burning in the ashtray. I am really unsettled with this PC problem.

I’ll go and make something for lunch.





Deleted – Defeated

I have been deleting video clips of my floor.

I tried, I truly did, to get a little film of Clorinha doing her mad dash through the room, under the chair, on to the box, on to the shelf, on to the other box, out of the window and on to the stove in the carport. But I failed. Each time I was left with the camera still pointing at an empty space on the floor and she was already outside.


Clorinha playing after her victory

I have been defeated by a small furry feline.

It’s the same when I try to get a video of Destructocat trying to demolish my passion fruit vines. I go to get the camera and when I get back she just sits there like a film star… looking pretty.

It’s Monday, my day has already been ruined.

I went to bed earlier than early last night. Early is between 9pm and 10pm; earlier than early, is before 9pm. I was woken twice by strange noises outside. Probably noises that I hear every night when the praça is alive and don’t even notice when I am awake, but they sound deadly when I am asleep. So I was up again just after 11, writing a post after having been inspiraficated in my sleep. Then I ran out of steam and went back to bed, hoping for more insprification. Instead, I went to sleep until the neighbour got his car out. Once he had gone, I died again. Now it is 10am and I am running late. I never did finish that post, I saved it and began my normal blogging routine. This is No. 3 this morning and all on one cup of coffee.

comments-iconA comment two posts back surprised me: “I try not to miss one episode of your TV drama life!”

To which I replied: “I have never considered my life as a TV drama, for me it’s far too mundane. But I thank you.”

Wow, my life is like a TV drama. I never thought of it that way before. I’ve always considered it just living, maybe a bit eclectically, maybe a touch of the exotic living here in Brazil, tinged with madness and the unexpected, along with a lot of coffee and weird tastes. I sit here each day surrounded by my wine and the conglomeration that I call home, posting and being attacked by a demented kitten, and somebody finds that exciting.

It’s nice to know that my efforts are not wasted.

I am a niche market.

I have an urge. I didn’t really have dinner last night. A fact that my stomach keeps reminding me of. I feel like hotdogs in a homemade tomato sauce on toast. By the time I finish this post, I’ll do it. Then, it’ll be lunch time and I can kill two birds with one stone.

The Pope has blamed the Syrian conflict on arms manufacturers. Indirectly, I guess he means the USA and Russia.

He also slid sneakily into the West Bank without going through Israel acknowledging that Palestine exists. I wonder if he can do the impossible and break the impasse between Palestine and Israel. While I am not a Catholic and think the Papacy should be dismantled, I like this Pope. He has done more for humanity than all previous popes put together.

American Congress is going to revisit gun control. Here we go again, barking up the wrong tree. Try looking at the root of the problem; mental health and the drugs pushed by BigPharma. Until you get to the root of the problem, you’ll have mass shootings like California this week.

I have run out of steam again.

Time for hotdogs.



About to Blink Out

planned-obsolescence-by-james-provostYes, I have fallen victim again to planned obsolescence. My latest monitor is due to go on the blink. In fact, that is what it is doing, blinking. I’m too scared to switch it off in case it winks out and doesn’t wink on again.

My first LCD monitor winked out at 14 months, just out of the guarantee period. This one is now 15 months old.

At the time the first decided its life’s vocation wasn’t to be an LCD monitor, it couldn’t be repaired. Well, it could have been, had the part been available, but it was only supplied to assembly plants and not the public or repair shops.

Twice now when I have turned off this monitor, it has flashed and blinked at me and finally burst into life after some ten minutes. I feel the car is running on empty.

Yesterday my hard drive ran out of space. I had to do some smart reshuffling of files and then defrag. The defrag took about 12 hours. Result, 29gb of space.

I went to bed early last night, before ten. Clorinha decided it wasn’t sleep time and wanted to bounced around the bed like a Slinky. Which was all very well until she decided that my bare toes were an entertainment centre. Then she slipped, and sunk all 4,170 needle sharp claws into the soft part of my sole.

A growing kitten suspended by one claw embedded in my foot up to my eyeballs with all her weight bearing down is painful in the extreme.

The phantom cat strikes again! If she does that again, she might well be a phantom cat. Don’t worry, she won’t; all was forgiven when she woke me this morning boomping my face.

Oh, wait, she only has four claws… 4,170 is the number of toxic substances in cigarettes. Think about this, if milk has 9,000 +/-, maybe we should take kids off milk and let them smoke…

The centennial lightbulb

The centennial light bulb

Back to this planned obsolescence theme. Did you know that there is an incandescent electric light bulb that was switched on in 1908 and has been, and still is burning continuously? That was when the American manufacturers decided to limit the life of a light bulb to 15,000 hours, at first, which was later reduced to 1,000 hours so they could sell more. So serious was this that it became law for all manufacturers about 1920.

This remains the case today for every product, it is designed to breakdown after so many hours or times used so that you’ll buy a new one. Cars, computers, TVs, washing machines, iPhones, everything. You can’t escape it; everything is designed to ‘have a life’ just out of the guaranteed period, then stop.

Printers, for example, actually have a chip buried in the works and programmed to tell you that your printer is broken and can’t be repaired. It just stops. One smart cookie discovered this fact, found and removed  the chip, and had another five years use. There was NOTHING wrong with the machine.

Cold night last night. Cool day today. We’re expected to have this until Tuesday.

Lunch is a choice between braised or curried sausages, steak or hotdogs. Or I might even steal some of Clorinha’s mincemeat and make a hamburger sandwich. My wine is still in the fridge from last weekend. I didn’t open it when I was struck by the dreaded lurgy. I can see the need to celebrate a return to good health.

Still to blogs to post on. Blogging right along, wine later. Oh, what a wonderful incentive.


Meanwhile, I present Destructocat… Playing in the window after attempting to destroy my passion fruit vine. (I’ll have to be quicker with the camera next time)


Making the Right Choices

This is not going to be one of those ‘How to…’ posts. But rather about me. Today, I made several choices.

No contest

No contest

One was forced on me Clorinha chose that I should get up at 7am and get her breakfast. I duly did because it was senseless trying to go back to sleep.

Then, I chose coffee, a good choice in the morning; choosing a second and a third cup are also good choices.

Armed with the coffee of my choice I proceeded to post on my blogs. I got them all done by 9am.

Then I chose to go to the supermarket, which I chose not to do yesterday; and on the way go to the parafusos (screws) shop. Of course, as soon as I opened the gate, it began to rain. That’s not a choice, but Murphy’s Law.

By the time I got to the main drag it was still  spitting. I made another choice, flag the first taxi that passed. I did and arrived at the supermarket dry.

Kiwi Liqueur

Kiwi Liqueur

The next choice was another ‘no contest’. Head for the water aisle followed by the wine aisle. I chose two wines, a bottle of Kiwi liqueur and a bottle of Creme de Cacao. Good choices.

Three were drinks that I haven’t previously tried, so I will have some fun.

I also bought some groceries, not much, because that supermarket is expensive, but they have a good range of meat, cheese and drinks.

I found a packet of dried jasmine. A long time ago I used to make jasmine and apple tea, very soothing.

Having made my purchases, I left R$222 ($100 +/-) poorer.

I never got to the screw shop. That has been put off until Monday, maybe.

So by 11am I was back home, shopping put away, I lunched with a snack and went to practice my Nap-fu.

So we have a cold wintery day here with spots of rain. I chose to spend the rest of the day at home.

All good choices.

I see our ex-crack footballer (soccer player) Ronaldo is in strife again. He finished up in a ‘motel‘ (this is not the western style motel which is a pousada) with three transvestites. This is not the first time this has happened, poor Ronaldo has difficulty in deciding on gender and it always ends up in problems.

Warning! This bit has a gory photo.

I posted on Bullfighting the other day in a post Bulls 3 – Matadors 0. It was a case where three matadors (bullfighters) got gored in Madrid this week and caused the cancellation of the event; they’d run out of matadors.

This is called bravery, I call it cruel and stupid

This is called sport, I call it cruel and stupid

I am against bull fights, have you ever seen how the animals suffer, it’s quite ghastly. So when I saw another headline yesterday “How Dangerous is Bull Fighting?” I spilt most of my coffee and sprayed the rest over the screen – for the bulls it’s generally very dangerous.

So I was pleased that they won the day last week.

USA, take note! This week Iran executed a fraudulent banker. When are you going to start? The economy won’t begin to repair itself until you do. China has done the same and Vietnam. There was an English king, who in about 1400s summoned all the rogue bankers on Christmas Day and cut off their right hands and castrated them. But the American government is owned by those who should be punished so it’ll never happen.

British politicians are still banking on fracking as the answer to their need for fossil fuels. A recent survey showed nearly 80% were against the new laws which will allow fracking on private property without permission. To me it seems that any government who implements this law is committing political suicide. For me, I would wage war if some company was to attempt to drill under my house. I’d shoot the first bastard that tried.


Achmed the Dead Terrorist

OMG, now I’ll be labelled a domestic terrorist!

BTW, if you haven’t seen Achmed the Dead Terrorist, look it up on YouTube, it’s funny.

Well, the evening has worn on, I feel like some cheese…





Datsun Cogs

You won't find Datsun Cogs in here, well, there may be a few

You won’t find Datsun Cogs in here, well, there may be a few

Yes, we have been promised Datsun Cogs for the weekend, more likely Sunday than Saturday, although the sky is grey this morning with the sun bravely trying.

Datsun Cogs is a phrase that we used years ago with the onslaught of Japanese cars on the market. I hadn’t heard it in yonks (long unspecified time frame) until I saw it on Shana’s Datsun Cogs post and just had to use it, mainly for nostalgia.

My cramps have gone, my bowels have stopped moving. Well, they do when I go and get more coffee from the kitchen, they go with me, but in the traditional sense they have stabilised. So much so, that after class last night I went out for pizza and beer; without being a glutton about it, so far, so good. I have not felt the need to reenact Napoleon Blownaparte’s demise.

Fuzzy green tomatoes

Fuzzy green tomatoes

Tomatoes have breached the R$9kg price again. Takes them off the menu. But I have heart, the first small green blobs are developing on my more mature tomato plant.

I hope they aren’t as fuzzy when they are ripe.

The photographic blur is a direct result of not enough coffee.

I made another ‘find’ in the trash a couple of days ago. All the dark stained wooden pieces for a sizable table. It lacks the glass piece for the centre. Once I buy the screws necessary for reassembly I will visit an acquaintance who has a vidraçaria (glass & mirror) shop. It’s 140x90cm but not as high as a normal dining table 75cm. All I need to do now is decide where and how to put it and use it; a minor detail.

The sun is out. The neighbour’s cat has been in and eaten Clorinha’s biccies. Need more coffee.

So far my daily highlight has been discovering that one lemon had turned half brown and one potato has become ‘juicy’; both are now residing on the compost heap. I hate wasting food, but these were bought before I had the dreaded lurgy and stopped eating.

The upshot of having two dodgy bellies within three weeks is that I am back into my size 50 jeans, whereas I was using 54s. Makes a larger person almost hope for another dodgy belly; I am putting my 48s in the wash, just in case.

The dishes remain… well, they remain. I should go to the supermarket, as the polar bears in the fridge are complaining of starvation; I will be too, if I don’t.

The sun is in again.

I wrote a lovely comment on a blog post last night. Then I used it as a prelude to a reblog of that post on my blog Things that Fizz & Stuff. You may find it interesting as it is in part about my younger years and almost deserves a place here.

The sun is out again.

I suspect our celestial body is having a ‘bad hair day’.

It’s too early to practise my Nap-fu skills, so I will blog along.




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