How to get your blog noticed

…and the Guardian. The best way to get your posts noticed is to include llamas, bikinis and guns.

I couldn’t find a llama in a bikini totting a gun, but I found one wearing a scarf, I wonder if that will that do?

It’s May. The year is just flying by.

I haven’t posted yet this morning, I have been busy. I bought a new sponge for the kitchen; that was exciting.

I have taken some meat out of the freezer for a small BBQ today. I may also have a little whine wine later to celebrate Labour Day, which ironically, I do no labour.

We have been promised nice weather until Sunday, after that, who knows? The last three nights have been cold, a definite sign that winter is night. The night before last was the coldest of the year, no wonder I pulled the blanket over.

The waffogato - image: Guardian

The waffogato – image: Guardian

What’s a waffogato?

“A cross between a waffle and affogato (an Italian dessert of ice-cream with an espresso poured over it), it comprises a waffle-shaped block of ice-cream to which a hot maple syrup espresso is added, so that the ice-cream melts, liberating pieces of Belgian waffle and, erm, tapioca.” – The Guardian

I may post about that later today on Fizz.

China’s president is promising to rigorously pursue the ‘rail bombers’ in Xinjiang. The solution to the violence there is for the Chinese to get the hell out of where they don’t belong. It’s the same with Tibet, give Tibet back to the Tibetans. China really needs to pull it’s head in.

I must blog along for now.