afoulbachfrogfart-coming-russian-rouletteBelly improving. Better than yesterday.

No longer playing Russian Roulette and can fart with confidence.

Although my trip to the supermarket was an adventure. Half way down the second aisle and I knew I wasn’t going to make it to the cashier.

I reversed gear, a perfect three point turn and made a mad dash in the direction of the sanitarios, realising that I would have to pass the cashiers with unpaid goods I grabbed a security type “Look after this!” and hobbled off without waiting for an answer. I made it in time. Returned to the still stunned security guy, thanked him and explained. I’m sure he has had more weird requests.

Whipped back into the ‘drinks’ aisle and selected a bottle of wine. Whizzed through the rest buying hardly anything. Got to the deli and they finally had lard after an absence of three months; didn’t need any, bought 2kg at the other supermarket last week. The milk that was advertised on special was conspicuous by its absence. No Brie, no Camembert, bought a Brazilian cheese with holes. No ham, just presunto apresentado (shit ham pieces pressed together to make a block). I want real ham with the fat on it.

Coffee was too expensive, wait for a special. No Açucar Naturale (raw sugar), I found myself muttering… they couldn’t cause a f**k up in a brothel.

Frete (private car used like a taxi at supermarkets) home. Stacked my shopping away, fed Clorinha, had a nap and here I am.

blank-mindMind goes blank….

While I was waiting for my mind to unblank, I went to get some water and discovered that it’s dark. I had turned the light in my room on earlier and hadn’t noticed that nighttime was encroaching.

Earlier in the day, I came across an excellent post on Organic, Green and True about White vs Brown Rice, good stuff. It prompted me to try some. 20+ metres of shelving with white rice, nine lonely packets of brown rice. White rice currently runs about R$3.20/kg – organic brown rice R$7.95! I bought a pack to try, it’s a good thing my rice usage isn’t like a real Brazilian. I am, of course, expecting miracles for this princely sum, small things like age reversal, hair, new teeth, no wrinkles… I mean there should be some outward signs that the stuff is healthy for you.

An interesting kerfuffle in Britain. What should be judged as good English. The new exam includes texts from some guy testifying about drugs in parliament, Tweets and some FaceBook. The old English private school brigade are up in arms over this and say it is demeaning the language.

Grammar_Police_by_RysisNow while I am an English teacher and a fully paid up member of the grammar police. I am in favour of the language evolving.

Today’s kids need to be prepared for today’s language, not stuck in the realms of some idealistic fuddy duddy who has lost track of what the world is about classing it as rubbish and being only worried about his tenure on the planet, or more likely, parliament. While many see BBC English as being desirable, the kids of today are slipping away, they are making their own future. LOL, WTF and OMG are tomorrow’s English; whether we older folks like it or not, and the kids need to know what they mean.

Time for dinner.