The day has all but disappeared. Here I am with less than two hours to go before the witching hour. I should get a quickie off before I turn into a pumpkin.

Yes, this IS a brown cow

Yes, this IS a brown cow

Much better today, no frights.

Eating more or less normally.

Made a cottage pie for lunch.

I even had a Brown Cow last night just to test the waters, well Tia Maria actually.

But that’s not the brown cow I had last night. Besides, that one’s got a dirty bum.

My brown cow was Tia Maria and milk with ice…

Now that's my kind of brown cow

Now that’s my kind of brown cow

Had class this evening, and half an hour after I got home my private student arrived.

The weekend is nearly upon me. It’s been raining a little, so the evening is cool which means a good night’s sleep as long as Clorinha keeps her little talons to herself.

I was reading about the Eurovision song contest earlier today and see that Ireland has been knocked out. Then I was reading about the Austrian entry, Conchita, didn’t take much notice. Then on another blog I saw a video clip of her… Boy, did I get a surprise!


Conchita Wurst

Did she have a beard??? Nah, my eyes are playing tricks, so I googled it.

OMG, she’s got a beard!

Apparently a transsexual who classes herself as ‘gender neutral’.

I wasn’t ready for that.

Was it the coffee, was it not enough coffee? Was it worse…

I mean, I am not against transsexuals or any sexual orientation, but I need to be prepared. At my age shocks like that can be prejudicial to my health, send me into palpitations, or Wurst.

High Street coffee shop cream tart

High Street coffee shop tart

Now, that I am over the initial shock she still looks like a tart – too much make up, he, she, him, her, doesn’t matter. And, I’m not talking about the type of tart you’d find in a High Street coffee shop.

I was so shocked, that I didn’t actually hear the music, so I can’t say whether she’s good or bad…

I think I need another brown cow.

Moo! – I mean later.