stupidityThat wasn’t my first choice of a post title. My first choice came to me sometime during the night and because I didn’t wake up to scribble it down, it’s long gone.

Shouldn’t have had that second brown cow as a nightcap.

But, it was delicious.

Stupidity is a luxury. I use it sparingly.

Oh, back to the thaw… I m waiting for the fish to thaw for lunch. Sole fillets, battered, deep fried and chips (fries) with Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire sauce and beer. I’m pretty sure the system can handle it.

I took a break and had lunch. As I predicted, delicious.

Before lunch I washed the dishes. Now I look at the kitchen after lunch and I am no further ahead.

I’m sure that dishes breed in the sink.

Had a nap, went to the bar and had a small beer just to test the waters.

If I don’t press the ‘publish’ button now, I never will.