Pinky Promise

Pinky Promise

Never, ever, make a pinky promise with your cat!

It hurts.

Clorinha loves the shelves in my new old laptop table.

She sits on the top shelf and watches TV or wants to make pinky promises.

But mostly she just sits there looking… pretty.

Cold day today after a cold night. It was 2am that I woke freezing and pulled the cover over. Clorinha got under the cover too purring away under my chin.

I just had lunch. Not as glamorous as yesterday’s, left over fries reheated in the oven and left over cottage pie from a couple of days ago. I managed to hide the hardness of the fries with ketchup. I’m not a ketchup fan, but there are times when it’s the most appropriate thing in the fridge.

Furthering Clorinha’s meteoric rise to stardom, here is her latest film.

Clorinha and the Twig

One of the many things that find their way on to the living room floor.

There’s not much to do on a cold day. I have been waiting for a sign that I should have a nap, but the best sign I’ve seen so far is this…



I should obey the sign!

That’ll take care of the rest of the day!