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Most people have heard of China in Box.

Boxes, I can’t bring a box home and it doesn’t fall victim to my kitten. Clorinha loves boxes.

I have this problem of Kitten in Box.

She uses the things to ambush me.

Yesterday I emptied a box of milk and put the cartons on the shelf closely supervised by a small white furry animal who watched every move, every detail with interest.

As soon as the box was empty, that was it. The box got dragged into the living room, her sports arena of choice and then it was all on. In the box, out of the box, chew the box, around the box, back into the box… and so it went.

I put the box on the sofa so I could navigate without falling over it.

Kitten in Box

Kitten in Box

It was okay for a bit, but not good enough, it was pulled back on to the floor for an evening play.

This continued for half an hour.

It made me wonder… Why aren’t our kids so easily pleased? They want all these expensive toys and a kitten is happy with a feather or a twig or a box.

I must move on, this blog is becoming a cat blog, and although I love her dearly, she is not the sole reason for me being here; despite her thoughts on the matter.

The western world has been castrated. Yes, we’ve lost our balls. Any tin plated despot can do what he likes, Putin his nose where it doesn’t belong and we are powerless to do anything about it. Syria, North Korea, among many, and now the Ukraine.

allblueI am totally miffed again. Against my will, FireFox updated itself. The new look is hideous, all blue even the Tabs aren’t clear. Why do these company’s do this, the old look was quite okay, functional.

Lunch was a gourmet omelette, bacon, cheese and parsley, scrumptious.

Now I have a half hour in which to change out of my pyjamas and look like a teacher.