Mundane things

Mundane things

Of all the things ponderable, the future has the most options.

Mundane things don’t need pondering, they are obvious.

But the future can change on a whim, a single thought, errant or true.

I have all but finished posting for the day, and I am pondering what I could do next.

I could have lunch, I could do the dishes, I could go and pay the rent. You see there are so many options for the future; that’s what makes it exciting.

Lunch is pondered, I am having the last of the sole fillets; but then that has now created a new ponderable, how am I going to cook them? I could fry them, I could poach them, I could bake them, if I decide to fry them, then we have a new set of ponderables, battered and deep fried, crumbed or floured and then pan fried. Then I need to consider the dishes, because the ones I want are in the sink, so we have a new set of ponderables, do I just wash the ones I need, or do I wash them all. Then comes the rent, if I wash the dishes and cook lunch that will delay the rent, does the rent need to be paid today, or can it wait until tomorrow?

Now I have a headache… to much pondering!

kettle-blackReading an article last night gave me quite a turn. Google has a greater data collecting capability than NSA. That’s disturbing. My opinion both Google and the NSA should be closed down. Then another item, remember the US advising that Chinese manufacturers are selling things like routers, etc with built in tracking/homing/data collection capabilities and not to buy them… it turns out that the US has been doing it longer than the Chinese and on a greater scale. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

No classes today, no classes tomorrow.

Plenty of time to ponder.

…and drink beer.

I saw a cartoon this morning. In Spanish it’s freakin’ hilarious, but it doesn’t mean a damned thing if translated into English.


Did you figure it out?

Black smoke from McDonalds – Still we don’t have potatoes…

Papas in Spanish = potatoes, or Popes; a slur on the Vatican electing a new Pope.

Such is life.

The news is on that will delay lunch.