My little trollop

My little trollop

Yes, she’s a little trollop.

She went to sleep in the carport, that’s not unusual, but she normally comes inside and sleeps on the bed.

Last night at 1am, I noticed she hadn’t come in.

Took me sometime to find her. She was over the road in the park. I took her home and closed the window, but she wanted out again. I waited up until 3am for her to come in. How many fathers have suffered the angst of their daughter being out later than she should? We fathers are at a distinct disadvantage; we don’t understand the girls at school, we don’t understand the woman we marry and then we don’t understand our daughters.

She finally turned up in time for breakfast at 6am.

Errant kitten, or should I say grandkitten, as she is Cloro’s daughter.



Amazing news! Nutella is 50 years old. Posted about the Nutella story on Tomus today.

I have never tried the stuff, I find the mere thought nauseating.

Disturbing that kids are allowed it for breakfast.

How to encourage your kids to crave sweet shit.

Talk about parenting gone bad.

Most of us are aware that smoking and drinking alcohol can cause throat cancer, but I read today that it can also be caused by oral sex. The fun side of life is being quickly eroded, soon we won’t even be able to get out of bed without some life-threatening condition befalling us. (Ah, no image for this tidbit)

This is just the thigh bone

This is just the thigh bone

Dinosaurs are getting bigger. In Argentina they have unearthed a new bigger dinosaur than the previously found Argentinosaurus.

Estimated to be the height of a seven-story building.

Another recent discovery, octopi will cling to anything with its suckers except octopus skin. That explains why they don’t get all tangled up.

My DHL package arrived in São Paulo during the night. But although they say it’s left there for Rio, I am concerned. DHL class São Paulo as being ‘north’ Brazil, it’s in the southeast. I wonder if they actually know where Rio is?

Clorinha has discovered the delights of my neighbour’s car. It’s just like an adventure playground.

Time to blog along.