Even a powerful Jedi Master requires naps.

Yes, I have been proclaimed a Nap-Master.

Comment from yesterday:

You wrote that you can “feel a nap coming on” . . . as Yoda would say, “Skilled in Nap-Fu must you be to sense for you a nap lurking.” You are no padawan, are you? Perhaps a Nap Master?

So, I have been promoted, I am no longer a mere mortal.

In fact, I won’t even be that if I don’t get something to eat soon. It’s after three and I haven’t even considered breakfast. Lunch should be forthcoming. A Gordon Blue rump steak, stuffed with smelly blue cheese and bacon with mashed parsley potatoes; washed down with the remains of the Chardonnay.

My DHL package arrived. My doubts as to whether they knew where Rio was were justified; it took 25 hours to get from São Paul – Rio, a distance of 450kms.

I was able to follow it all around the world, each step of the way.


Isn’t technology wonderful?

A David Cameron quote: “We are open, tolerant and compassionate.” He was talking about immigrants. This is the same man whose government were expelling a Nigerian mother and her two daughters back to Nigeria, where the girls faced certain prospect of FGM.

The expelling was actually delayed, in the end, and there has been no further news.

Now, about that steak…