I feel like I drank this

I feel like I drank this

Considering my new social status as a Nap Master, I have been enhancing my skills today.

Actually, that’s bullshit. My dodgy belly returned overnight and I have been napping to avoid the cramps.

Now, I am worried. The first round I put down to food, something that ate me didn’t agree with me. But, as my food yesterday was completely different, I am reviewing the situation. I may well have picked up some kind of intestinal/stomach infection/bacteria that is resident and set to do me harm.

I have a new class this evening, a new group of six students, and while the last thing I feel like doing is giving a three hour class, I must bite the bullet.

I was disturbed today. Well, I am disturbed most days, but today a little more twisted than usual.

It is a prime example of why the world hates Americans, at least the government and security forces. The CIA was using a polio vaccination programme as an undercover spying network in Pakistan. This is despicable. There is no wonder that the Taliban got wind of it and were assassinating innocent health workers. These agencies will stoop at nothing to gain their aims; in this case Bin Ladin. I don’t care who the target was, involving a health programme and innocent people is really scraping the bottom of the moral barrel.

As I am not feeling a 100, I am going to take my leave for the day, instead of wracking my brains for a new topic.

Please forgive me…