I followed Andrew’s advice (see comments yesterday) and gave IT the middle finger for the night.

middle fingerNow, I’m back at it. Couldn’t continue because the damned thing couldn’t find the I386 file. So, I have changed to an older disk and so far things seem to be going right, even the serial that I found for XP install… 🙂 At the moment, it’s loading files and has 27 minutes to run. *Crosses fingers*

Things are still moving along fine. Installing the Start Menu, with 19 minutes to go.

Need more coffee, can’t stand the suspense.

Got coffee, still can’t stand the suspense.

While I was making the coffee, I opened the kitchen window… sqeeeaaak! Reminding me that I should one day oil it. The 3-in-1 was in the living room, so I oiled the hinges. In doing so discovered that the last time Clorinha knocked it off the shelf, the lid had cracked, now the kitty litter, the cardboard play box and the floor won’t squeak either.


There’s more than one way to skin a cat! *eyes Clorinha*

Now I have to disconnect here and and plug net into PC to establish Wi-Fi link.