NOmsofficeNot all plain sailing.

Shortly after my post yesterday I discovered some anomalies. First, there was no sound (fix later); second there was no MS Office (started to pull hair out).

Why? Why me?

Another time I used this same disk it didn’t affect the sound, it loaded MS Office… why now?

I went to work and after I went out for dinner to BBQ restaurant. Ate a lot of dead cow and salads because I had neglected my diet because of PC problems.

audiomuteiconGot home and tried to find driver for sound. Hahahahahahahaha! I wanted a download, I didn’t want a forum, I didn’t want a technical .pdf, I didn’t want all the crap I was offered with false links, I didn’t want Walmart… I just wanted to download the freacken’ driver, damn it!

I went to bed.

I tried again from 7am, then a stroke of genius. Went to PC manufacturers page/drivers found what I was looking for d/loaded, installed… And now I have sound, glorious sound. But I still don’t have OFFICE!

I use Office a lot, I need Office!

I also need more coffee!

I got CorelDraw10 installed this morning, so I was able to illustrate the next story.

Curious thing. MS want their cake and eat it too.


The Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed

Once upon a time, the three little pigs had a wonderful operating system called XP, then the Big Bad Wolf decided to huff and puff and blew it away. Then they had Vista, the three little pigs hated it; so they painted Vista and call it 7, then they totally crapped out and made 8, the three little pigs weren’t at all happy, there was no ‘start’ button, so along came 8.1. Now the three little pigs still didn’t like it and kept using XP. So the Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed and blew the support for XP away in April. Hoping that the three little pigs would migrate to 8, etc. But the three little pigs, didn’t migrate, in fact the Chinese little government pigs banned all government usage of 8.

XP still lives, and the Big Bad Wolf still wants to sell it.

If there’s no support from the Big Bad Wolf, then the programme should bloody well become FREEWARE. The Big Bad Wolf can’t have his bacon cake and eat it too!

I posted a story on Tomus yesterday about the oldest goldmine ever discovered. It’s in Georgia, but you can read the post over there.

It reminded me of a similar sad story.

Years ago, when I was a tour guide in Bolivia, our first port of call was Uyuni, then a two day tour of the Salar de Uyuni (salt flats) after staying the night in Alota (should have been called Notalota) we passed coloured lakes with beautiful pink flamengos, the still fuming Ollagüe volcano and then made our way about lunch time to the pueblo of San Cristobal. The feature in this pueblo was the old cathedral, the only adobe cathedral in South America.

San Cristobal with its adobe cathedral

San Cristobal with its adobe cathedral in the background

The pueblo had a silver mine, most of the men worked there; including the caretaker of the cathedral, so it was difficult to get inside for a look. I managed once.

Then along came American miners and decided that the biggest seam of silver ran right beneath the pueblo. So they moved the pueblo into new concrete block housing with running water, electricity and satellite TV, none of which the people had ever had before. Once they had moved the village, they had the problem with the cathedral, being adobe, it couldn’t be moved. So scratch one cathedral and they built a horrible stone replica in the new village.

Totally devoid of character

Totally devoid of character

And the village…

Nothing but a hole in the ground

Nothing but a gaping hole in the ground

A sad, sad end to a magnificent sight.

I haven’t been there for many years. When I learned of the destruction, I cried.