And we weren't playing yoyos

And we weren’t playing yoyos

…and I woke up with June.

It’s not often I wake up with a different woman than I went to bed with. I’m not saying ‘never’ because it has happened… um, twice.

Ah, the folly of youth.

I found an old photo. One taken the last time I lived in Cuzco, Peru.

An odd set of circumstances.

I met a guy in Norton Rat’s Tavern, a bar on the main plaza owned by an oboe-playing American ex-biker, who unearthed my interest in shooting and invited me to participate in the local smallbore (.22) club.

I did. I met him on the appropriate street corner, and we went to the outdoor rifle range in the middle of the city. The range was rudimentary at best, but I took my turn.

As soon as the targets were examined I was invited to represent Peru in a fullbore (7.62) event that weekend against Bolivian and Chilean clubs.

Here I am, at the military range near Calca

Here I am, at the military range near Calca

The rifles belonged in a museum, some were so dilapidated that the woodwork was tapped together with insulation tape (you can see it between the front and mid bands. The first detail, my rifle bolt was so full of oil that with each shot my forehead was sprayed with hot oil; quite unnerving.

When I proceeded to dismantle the bolt to remove the excess oil, the RSO (Range Safety Officer) was aghast, “You can’t do that!” When he realised that I knew more about the rifle than he did, he shut up and let me alone, watching with interest.

The following details were much more comfortable.

We won the day.

That was the last time I shot, 2001 just before I returned to Brazil.

Clorinha had a sore eye yesterday after we had been playing in the praça; her left eye was all but closed. I noticed this at bedtime; she was particularly in need of cuddles. I fell asleep with her purring under my chin, as I dreamed of how I was going to get her to the vet. This morning, all gone, eye open.

Yesterday I assembled the table parts that I found. It’s bigger than I expected. Now, I have the problem, of where to put it. I also have to get/make a centre; before considering that problem. It is one of those tables with a glass centre, replacing it with suitable glass could be a very expensive exercise. So I am considering a wooden centre covered with white vinyl to contrast the dark wood.

China has called the American and Japanese dialogue about China’s claims to the sea between China, Philippines and Vietnam at an Asian conference ‘unacceptable’.

It doesn’t consider that the rest of the world considers its maritime claims equally unacceptable; myopic bastards.

FIFA is in the deep poo again. Turns out that the vote for Qatar as the evenue for 2022 was marred by £3m worth of corrupt payments to support the Qatari cause. There are now calls for a re-vote.

Lunch today, I have a large inch-thick beef chop, it will be cubed and curried and eaten with boiled minted potatoes and battered cauliflower florets; oh, nom noms.

My debauchery knows no ends.