I had a good deep sleep.

Once again, I am a walking, talking, blogging human being.

Ah, that’s bullshit, it was the coffee…

I didn’t even know I had synapses.

A connection between two brain cells – image: BBC News

Apparently, the reason we sleep is to make new synapses to connect our neurons and wash away the mental toxins of the previous day.

It’s true, it was in the newspaper.

Everything in the newspaper and on TV is true.

I still reckon it is the coffee.

Which would go to explain why I just went to reheat freshly made coffee. There was a malfunction in a synapse.

My post-load is almost complete, just here to go. The rest of the day will be spent destroying synapses with some form of alcohol.

Well, it’s justified, if I don’t, I’ll have no synapses to rebuild tonight.

One should always give nature a helping hand.

Death, I was thinking about death last night, must be those toxins they were talking about. I am greatly perturbed by the amount of money and effort that is spent recovering bodies just so you can bury them again. Once you’re dead, you’re dead. It doesn’t matter where, you’re still dead.

I have forsaken the country of my birth; I now live in Brazil. That may/may not change at some time. It doesn’t matter where I am when I die, I’m still dead. I have told my family, don’t you dare spend a cent on getting my body back to NZ just to be buried. I am as dead in Brazil, as I would ne in NZ.

Catastrophic disasters, plane crashes, avalanches, bury people. Why dig them up just to rebury them? Let the dead alone. Leave them in peace. Mother Nature decides when and where we’ll go, trust her wisdom.

There is no 'welcome' mat

There is no ‘welcome’ mat

I was once asked by a student, an ardent evangelical, what our purpose was here.

I responded by asking why he thought we were here. The reply to worship and glorify God.

I replied, “Fertiliser! We are here to provide the planet with fertiliser, just like every living thing on this planet! Nothing more, nothing less.”

Some people just can’t understand the truth, they have this idea that we’re here for something more tangible than fertiliser. They have this deep need to be wanted, and being wanted as fertiliser doesn’t fit the bill.

Personally, I think that fertiliser is a rather noble cause; for it enables/ensures the future. There is nothing ignoble about it.

I see Jacob Zuma, the president of South Africa, is in hospital for tests. They must be looking for brain cells. I hope he has a good health plan, this could take a while.

The seas are rising. Some parts are rising faster than other. The Marshall Islands in the Pacific are an example. With a high point just two metres above the waters, the Marshall Islands are one of the most vulnerable locations to changes in sea level. Recently the tides uncovered dead from WWII.

I see the CIA has opened Twitter and FaceBook accounts… Why? Oh, I know why, they want to be friendly.

“It is the folly of youth that makes us wise” – Argentum Vulgaris (I just made that up)


NB: I did really know about synapses, it was just a good line at the time… 🙂

Clorinha has a new toy. This photo was taken after I discovered the paper towels stretch across the living room floor. I wasn’t quick enough, and she rolled them up…