All points of the blogosphere

All points of the blogosphere

I have found the perfect shop.

During my blogging, which started in 2004, I have been to all points of the blogosphere.

From being lost to bewildered.

Sometimes the hardest thing to find is inspiration, I’ve tried canned inspiration, I’ve tried pretty purple pills, but often to no avail. The effects are more like placebos, they work a little or they taste just like sugar.

But, yesterday I found the perfect shop.


The Holy Grail for Bloggers

I have no idea where the shop is, there was no address.

So, if you think you’re getting a post today, LOL forget it 🙂

I’m off on my quest.

Right after lunch, my tummy is rumbling.

Ectra strong, just made for quests

Extra strong, just made for quests

And I have to make a thermos of coffee to take, and some of yesterdays meatloaf, it was delicious….

Oh, I’ve got a new coffee. Well, it’s an old coffee but they’ve made an Extra Forte (extra strong) version. I had my first taste this morning.

The verdict is that it’s rather yummy.

Just the thing a blogger needs when he is in search of the Bloggy Grail.

One needs to be prepared, because these questy things can be tricky. You know, you might meet knights, or trolls, flying carpets and dragons. You might even meet that supreme horror, the Taxman!

Dangers lurk at every turn.

Yesterday, I completed the download of a movie. Puss ‘n Boots, you know, the one from Shrek. I was checking to make sure I had an English version, I did; and I got sort of involved and watched the whole thing. Now it may be a kids movie, but I thought it was just great. A fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon in which not a lot was happening.

Speaking of Puss, I mentioned sometime ago that when I close the door and tell Clorinha that I’m off to the pub, she’s out the gate before me. If you don’t believe me, here’s the proof; even if she does stop for a tinkle on the way.


There you have it, tinkle and all.

Oh, the car isn’t mine. I am truly an impoverished English teacher. That’s the neighbour’s car who rent my carport.

Now, about the questy thing. The clouds have come over, I think I’ll stay at home and drink more coffee, one can’t just go rushing off willy nilly looking for the Bloggy Grail, it’ll still be there tomorrow.

The Bloggy Grail

The Bloggy Grail