None at all.

If I don’t post now, it won’t get done later!

Yesterday, was a rather ignoble start to the World Cup; the first goal of the cup and it was a contra (own-goal) by Marcelo putting the Croats in the lead until Neymar pulled them out of the shit.

Minimal contatc it may have been, butFred was clearly pulled backward preventing a possible goal

Minimal contact it may have been, but Fred was clearly pulled backward preventing a possible goal

Oh, and aren’t the Croats kicking up a din about the penalty.

I saw the game, I saw the penalty, I am a football layman, and even I could see that it was a penalty.

Maybe the Croats should embrace their threat and go home.

However, this is not a football blog.

I was pleased with the result 3-1.

The opening ceremony was rather grand.


The 'live ball' and dancers during the opening ceremony

The ‘live ball’ and dancers during the opening ceremony

I loved those trees.

There are three games today. The first just a little more than an hour away. Guess where I’ll ne? (no prizes)

That’s why I must make the most of this hour, dishes, lunch and wrap up here for the day.

Headline news: Harrison Ford breaks his ankle. Everybody needs to know this! Once again, the mainstream media are failing to report real news.

Oh, and Obama is in excellent health; that’s so nice. Nobody reports my annual check in the news, I am stunned.

Jamaica is thinking to relax marijuana laws, another country, Mauritania, was thinking of the same thing last week. These thoughts, along with Uruguay’s example of decriminalisation will not please the USA, except California and Colorado. Just goes to show that the ‘drug war’ is all but lost. Personally, I think it’s great that people are starting to wake up, and I have never used the stuff.

Well, lunch is next on the agenda, looks like the dishes won’t be.

Already had my nap.