Not until we’re in bed, then touching is compulsory.

Clorinha is a biter. Try and pet her around the house and 90% of the time you get bitten.

Once I’m in bed, she jumps up, jumps across me and boomps me in the face. Pets accepted. She boomps me, she smooches she kneads me with her little claws and purrs like crazy; but only in bed.

kittencellphoneWeird cat.

More toilet paper in the kitty litter… A conundrum. I hope she never figures out how to use my cellphone. She’ll be ringing “I can haz cheeseburger!”

Hype. Lots of fireworks in the area. Brazil is playing Mexico today at 4pm.

Belgium is playing Algeria at the moment, another ho-hum game, so I am here.

China executed 13 Uighur terrorists yesterday, complaining about terrorism. China doesn’t seem to realise that it is the terrorist. If China hadn’t invaded the Uighur lands, the Uighurs would be living peacefully together. It’s the same with Tibet, China is the invader and the terrorist. But the world sits quietly back and watches.

Visited a blog yesterday as a result of a Like on one of mine. The text was exaggerated, obviously designed for small devices. I tried to read it to be fair, but it was so uncomfortable, that I gave up despite the interesting subject.

Lunch has been had. I have tried to nap without success. That’s why I got up and made lunch.

I got up at 8:46am, which left me puzzled, because after posting on most blogs and umpteen coffees, I lay down to have a nap… at 8:46am.

After a few moments deliberation taken to examine this anomaly, I checked the PC clock, it was in fact 11:30.

I won! Momentarily. I tickled Clorinha under the chin for a few moments without being savaged; then she jumped on the printer and exacted retribution on my big toe. Oh, well.

Try and do that nap-thing again.