Yes, it’s started to rain heavily here.

Affecting the football transmission, the picture is all snowy.

No thunder and lightning so, hopefully there will be no net interruption as I am writing this during lulls in the game.

Not a good day for Spain, the current World Cup champions, they have just been eliminated by Chile. Australia gave Holland a fright today, 2-3.

Now Brazil’s fortunes rest on the game in progress; Croatia vs Cameroon. A Croat win is an advantage to Brazil, but if Cameroon win, then Brazil has to beat them in their last game.

wastedbeerGame over, rain stopped, blogging right along…

Fukushima has hit another stumbling block. The plans to build an ice wall to contain contaminated water is failing, because they can’t get the temperature low enough. This story is over yet.

Ebola is still on the increase.

Worst news yet. Germany’s beer is under threat from fracking.

I’m a mit, but I convert to a roll.

Yes, I discovered that there are various ways to wipe your bum. I had no idea. Take a look at this, what are you?


Well, I never.

It’s bed time.