idiotinsideI never realised that my mother’s curses were actually a form of beatification.

The number of times I was called a ‘blessed nuisance’, or similar and worse, when I was a kid means I have been beatified time and time again.

So I am well on the way to Sainthood.

St Argentum, has a nice ring to it.

FaceBook was down for 15 minutes the other day. It sent the world into a tailspin of panic. Just think of all those people parked on the throne, forced into social media silence.

realgeniusAlfred was right… again.

FaceBook, Twitter, MSM and the like will/have produced a generation of idiots.

Major headline news, Harrison Ford has broken his leg. Once again I am miffed; when I broke my hip in a motor accident in the 70s it didn’t make the news.

I read the worst possible news today. Mitt Romney is going to stand again for something, I think it might be president, I didn’t stop to read it as I was so appalled. This is proof that there is no god, at least not a merciful one.

Rain finally stopped after 24 hours. Today is cool and cloudy. My plans for the day.

Nap at 11

Supermarket at 12

Lunch & Football at 1

Here endeth the lesson.

Yesterday was pretty much the same, but instead of the supermarket I managed to stand on the cat twice while cooking lunch, first one end, then dancing to avoid said cat managed to stand on the other end. Poor Clorinha, I felt so sorry for her, then I thought ‘sod it’ I was the one who nearly died on the kitchen floor.