The ramifications haven’t quite sunk in yet, neither for myself or most Brazilians.

Brazil won the game yesterday over Colombia, but at a high cost.

Neymar was challenged by Napoli defender Juan Zuniga late in the game

Neymar was challenged by Napoli defender Juan Zuniga late in the game – BBC

A dirty tackle, a knee in the back sent Neymar off in agony with a fractured vertebra; a foul that was left unpunished and left Neymar out of the cup.

Which prompted the question “Was this the dirtiest game so far?”

Brazil has made to the semi-finals where they play Germany.

Undoubtedly Neymar was Brazil’s key, without the key can we unlock the door to the finals.

In the last three games, Neymar was hunted, persecuted. Had he been a European player the matter would have been pursued rigorously.

The refereeing in this cup has been deplorable, not only Brazilian games, but overall. The most noticeable was Nigeria being denied a penalty, the referee just wasn’t interested.

The integrity of all FIFA matches is in doubt with the current referees.

Septic Blathermouth needs to change the game and bring in technology oriented ‘third referee’ decisions. He says it would ruin the game, but cricket has had it for decades and the game has never been ruined.

b-murphysstout440ml4PK-2Yesterday was BBQs to the right, BBQs to the left, lots of fireworks, but no cannon. I broke out some of my treasured cans of Murphy’s Irish Stout, such was the importance of the game.

I had local brew with the earlier game.

Today, I am drinking fresh guava juice… 🙂

There’s no need to explain why.

I am late on deck today, feeling a bit demoralised and not really in the mood for blogging.

So with Brazil in the semis, I have no classes on Tuesday…

I am off to wallow in my pity.