Just thought you should know…

No, nothing about football.

I walked into the kitchen and sneered at the dishes. The damned things sneered back. So I washed them and hid them in the cupboards. Cheeky blighters!

While I was making a snack, cold corned beef sandwich, Clorinha was doing the meow-I’m-starving act, so I threw a bit of gristle and meat on the floor. Eaten. Okay, another piece, only sniffed at it.

I left it on the floor, too lazy to bend down and eventually stood on it later.

Clorinha came in sniffed at it and ate it. Standing on it must have made it more flavourful… some how.

I beat the kids, I got another guava!

Later, again.

See sometimes when I say later, I mean it. 🙂