Bordeaux for lunch

Bordeaux for lunch

Yes, today, weinerschnitzel; all crumbed and ready to go. Boiled potatoes and buttered peas and cauliflower cheese on the side. French Bordeaux in the fridge… Oh, I know how to do it on a Sunday.

Another sunny day, not brightly so, but there is sun. The night was bitterly cold and I woke several times, I really need my Nap-fu skills today.

I also really need more coffee… BRB

I have picked the chili peppers from the bush by the kitchen door, enough for a jar full. Later I will wash them and when dry bottle them with olive oil.


1,000 posts

A nice surprise.

My blog Nether Region of the Earth III has reached  1,000 posts. NROTE is my daily general humour blog. Hop across and have a Sunday giggle; and don’t forget the ‘Like’ button, it helps the algorithms spread the word or something.

The new pizza place opened last night. I had their first pizza for dinner last night.

Now I have two leftover half pizzas in the fridge. Guess what’s for dinner tonight?


You all know my penchant for wine, I have found the perfect wine glass…


There, isn’t that a beauty?

I have found a way out of the labyrinth…


Now it’s nap o’clock,