Remember my encounter with mouse poo a week or so ago?

I decided on some intensive Staff Training.

This is a mouse!

This is a mouse!

Using the latest in plastic teaching aids. Eventually we’ll progress to furry grey things, then perhaps a ‘live fire’ exercise, probably with a mock-up first. Like my cadets, don’t want to scare the poor things first time. Oh the trauma.

I have had a ball today, Shopping here, shopping there, I shopped almost until I dropped.

New mouse, hence the availability of old black one for training aid. Little wheely thingy doesn’t wheelie thing. Well, it wheels, but it doesn’t thing. Have to look into that. Maybe I need to do another reboot.

I didn’t pay the rent. It’s Monday, remember? The money machine has forgotten how to money.

Flopped flip flops

Flopped flip flops

On Wednesday, last, my odd pair of flip flops flopped and I bought a new pair. I wore them to town today.

But they gave me a further four months of service, so I can’t complain.

I bought a new pepper mill, I have one but it is full of black pepper corns. I needed one for white pepper corns.

The highlight of the day was a new cellphone (mobile).

I had a look at the offerings in one shop, too expensive, all smart phones. Not interested, in my last port of call, as I walked away from the cashier, I spied a cellphone stand; doesn’t hurt to have a browse.

I found one for R$129, an Alcatel… never heard of it before. Neither has google.

Found it! No I didn’t. They don’t have a model with qwerty keyboard listed

It’s a Onetouch, not a 3000m Coralline as it says on the packet. These things are just to fool the oldies… Fooled!

This is my model

This is my model

Keeping up with the Joneses.

It has a camera, it has radio and it makes telephone calls, that’s all I wanted. It does netty things and stuff, but I’m not interested, I have my ‘puter at home.

Now I have to buy an SD card for it so the camera, etc works. Why can’t they supply everything necessary?

Any way, I am back in contact with the world.

Now I’m off to figure out why the wheelie thingy doesn’t thing.