This is what I got when I googed 'humping along'

This is what I got when I googed ‘humping along’

Yes, just doing that.

The day started off well by following the weatherman’s predictions last week that the rain will last until Tuesday.

The sun was out and for a change I welcomed the 8am glare on the screen after such an absence.

10am and the sun was gone, the sky became increasingly cloudy until there was no sun and total overcast. The temperature, which was initially pleasant dropped like a hot brick.

Bring on the clowns

Bring on the clowns

I have 40 minutes in which to entertain you. *Looks around for entertainment*

Clowns are good.

Then it’s off to work. Hope the rain stays off.

As an aside, I don’t suggest you goog ‘humping along’ with the filters off, it curled my hair… and I don’t have any!

There, having resorted to clowns gives you some idea of my inspiration levels.

The humping along bit is about this video clip that I shot last Thursday when we had some sunshine.

This is what I meant by humping along. It was just outside my gate.

Netanyahu is complaining that the news reports are ignoring Israel’s death toll. I’m not surprised Israeli death 50+/- which include 3 civilians. Palestine’s on the other hand is over the 1,000 with 700+/- civilian deaths. Stop the bitching and stop attacking people. Netanyahu talks about his ‘mission’, just what is his mission? The tunnels are just an excuse for genocide.

It amuses me that the moment someone says anything about Israel, they’re accused of being anti-Semitic. But you are not labelled if you saying something about any other country, why does Israel have its own special word?

BP is crying again. Saying the sanctions against Russia are going to hurt them. Tough, how about thinking of people instead of profits. If it hurts, bleed. These corporations hold no truck with me. We’d be better off without them.

Muse, where are you?

Muse not talking, so I’ll abandon you and get ready for work.

I wish I could join Clorinha asleep on the sofa.