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Back to Normal

imwastedOooh, there’s that nasty word again!

The party is over, the singing and dancing done. The botequim bill is paid. I’m wasted.

Even the dishes have been done!

Oh, don’t get the idea that I am becoming domesticated, I didn’t do them. It was the laundry lady… 🙂

Revellers came and went, then more came and eventualluy I went.

Yes, I went to bed at 9pm after another marathon BBQ.

Emmylee & Ellen

Emmylee & Ellen – selfie

I didn’t get to take any photos. Less than five minutes after her arrival Emmylee had control of the camera. I checked the SD card this morning, selfies galore.

The girls are growing up. Ems is nearly eight and Ellen nearly fifteen on the 17th & 7th of next month.

I haven’t seen the girls for a few months as my financial situation hasn’t been that great. When Ems got out of the car she ran along the path and flew into my arms, the hug was awesome… close to being in heaven. It was once she unglued herself that the next question was “Where’s the camera?”

As I predicted yesterday, the ex was late. Just as well, as it gave me time to do all that was necessary.

I had a mishap, messing with things in the fridge, I let the jar of homemade chimichurri fall. I had a light green sludge and glass all ove the floor. The sludge was light green, but the air was blue, very very blue. So blue that even my neighbours called out to see ouf all was okay.

Eddie & ex, the dancing done

Eddie & ex, the dancing done

Dad and his girl

Dad and his girl

The workers take a break, artfully photographed by Emmylee. The tilt is the camera, and no measure of the beer

The workers take a break, artfully photographed by Emmylee. The tilt is the camera, and no measure of the beer

Even the leaves take selfies

Even the leaves take selfies

Awesome birthday. Thank you to all who commented and wished me a happy one.

I got 24 comments on one post, I think that is another record.

Today is R & R, rest and recuperation relaxation. I’m back on sprkling mineral water.

My posting is all but done for the day. Once completed it will be Nap-fu practice. A well deserved Nap-fu, as I didn’t practice yesterday. Need to hone my skills.

Birthdays are over for the year, Xmas is nigh, but I don’t make such a big deal at Xmas. There will be  BBQ, but not two in a row.

Major news this week was the refusal by China to open elections in Hong Kong. I have great fears that this could well lead to another Tiananmen, or worse.

Russia is calling for dialogue on Ukraine. What a two-faced bastard! The EU is calling for more sanctions. Bugger all this, just shut the doors completely and freeze them out of the global market. Stop pussy-footing around.

Chile has its first gay sailor… Wow! Meanwhile  the first openly gay player drafted into the National Football League, fails to make the final roster for the St Louis Rams. Makes me wonder if this smacks of homophobia.

Ther’s a heap of shit going on in the world at the moment, if all this energy was spent putting the planet in environmental order, maybe the human race would survive.

We are a myopic race.

I shall blog along, and retire…






downloadYes, I am downloading birthday 64.

It’ll take about a year.

I should be making potato salad, and tomatoes and cucumber, and lettuce salad, and lots of other stuff.

But I am here, with my coffee at 11am for a noon start. I am banking that the ex will be late, she always is, but then just when I expect her to be late, she’ll arrive at the appointed hour. This could be worthy of a Monday.

My beer tankard never looked like this, people kept filling it up

My beer tankard never looked like this, people kept filling it up

Last night’s BBQ was a success, nothing really to report, and no photos.

Started at roughly four finished at roughly 9:30. I was in bed at 10 (bugger the dishes) roughly trying to go to sleep.

I finally succumbed, and slept peacefully.

I have swept a part of the praça. the area I want to use was covered with fallen leaves.

Yesterday was a busier day than I imagined. The previous night I had saved an old cabinet of sorts from the rubbish, and I had set about making it suitable to use in the kitchen.

It was also going to replace the grotty old thing I have used for the last five years.

Grotty old thing, but it sufficed

Grotty old thing, but it sufficed

And the result of my labours…

A new grotty old thing

A new grotty old thing

When I got it home it was just the top, sides, back and runners for drawers. I added a base plate and two shelves from old wardrobe (closet) sides that I got from the same dump. It’s not fancy, but it’s better than what I had. By the time I had finished, I was exhausted and my back was aching from the exertions of carrying stuff; the dump was about a half kilometre from home, some 500 yards. Doesn’t sound much but when you are on a walking stick, it’s a bloody long way.

I have often alluded to the ‘eleven metres from my gate to the bar’. Here is that eleven metres.

So far from the botequim...

So far from the botequim…

My gate on the right, my neighbour’s gate, then… bliss.

See the plants I have in front, one of them is so colourful.

My colourful plant

My colourful plant

I have another by the front door.

A few weeks ago, I snapped a twig off my beefsteak, and put it in a glass of water to propagate like the original, but all the leaves fell off and I thought it had died. But, I neglected to throw it out. This morning I discovered…

Beefsteak shoot

Beefsteak shoot

Sometimes it pays to be forgetful. Roll on dementia!

Now I’m off to begin the salads. My posting for the day is complete.



63 years ago…

At 4am in the morning I was but a squalling nappied infant three hours old.

Happy Birthday to me…

Knee deep in BBQ juices

I should be knee deep in BBQ juices

Yes, today is the day!


All my plans this week come to fruition.

I am up early so that I can get my posts up for the day, then it’s back to bed, because I won’t have much time for Nap-fu practice.

BBQ starts at the botequim about 4pm, if past years are anything to go by, I’ll still be cooking meat well into the night, I’m figuring 10pmish, by then I’ll be pretty much knackered and ready for bed. It’ll definitely be a case of ‘bugger the dishes’.

I’ll have photos tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I must blog along.

Later! Much later.

3am & Coffee

starterfluidIt usually works. The combination does strange things to one’s mind.

But I just sat there reading the news, checking comments and reading new posts waiting for inspiration to kick in.

Now it’s nearly 6am and nary a nueron has moved.

Thunder in the background and the patter of rain.

The lull before the storm. No not the weather, today is a nothing day, tomorrow I have a shitload to do to prepare for BBQ (the storm). Mainly trip to supermarket to buy dead cow. I have all the pork I need, I am lacking rump steak, liver, chicken hearts, bread rolls for the garlic bread. I might get a slab salmon to grill with capers, if I can find some at a good price.

Yesterday I harvested my chilies off two bushes. I have to pick them over and bottle them in olive oil today.


Lots of chilies

Last night I was determined to go to bed with no dishes waiting to stare me down in the morning. FAIL! I decided to make a bread ‘n butter pudding for comfort food to watch the football. Needed comforting, Flamengo were down 2-0 near the end of the game, so I flicked off the TV and went to bed.

*Gazes around room wondering what’s next?*

A comment on another of my blogs yeaterday asked what a praça was.

This is our praça, doesn’t look much, but it’s our green space. My house is just behind me.

So, I went back to bed…

…and got up again.


Hello Kitty

I had to make coffee. My world has been destroyed!

Hello Kitty is NOT a cat!

It’s true, it’s headline news.

“She is a little girl. She is a friend. But she is not a cat.

“She’s never depicted on all fours. She walks and sits like a two-legged creature.

“She does have a pet cat of her own, however, and it’s called Charmmy Kitty.”BBCNews

This is shocking!

I had a cat named Hello Kitty. She was given to us by close neighbours. As soon as Ellen Suelen, my six-year-old stepdaughter, saw the kitten she exclaimed, “Ooh, Hello Kitty!” and that was that, despite the fact that the cat was not pink.

Hello Kitty at the laundry bar

Hello Kitty at the laundry bar

HK was with us for four years and had two lots of kittens. So, yes, for us Hello Kitty was a cat.

I did do some posting in the wee small hours, but I still have five blogs to go, so I must blog along.



Crash! Bang!

I rush to the kitchen to find  the tortoiseshell cat from next door has half my lunch on the floor. A whole flounder fillet. I’ts a good thing the floor was clean after yesterday’s defrost.

Homemade chimichurri

Homemade chimichurri

I was not amused.

Yesterday’s fridge defrost took 13 hours, then the fridge decided it didn’t want to fridge. The freezer was fine. It was this morning I discovered that the thermostat dial didn’t like full on.

My chimichurri is shimmying.

Made it this morning. It’s quite easy. Lots of parsley, a dried (home grown) cayenne pepper, some white wine vinegar (should be red, but I didn’t have any), oregano, garlic, freshly ground black pepper, some rock salt and olive oil. Into the blender and away we go!

I use cayenne pepper instead of capsicum because I like a bit of a bite to it.

Put it in a jar, take an arty-farty photo and put it in the fridge until Friday.

Tick off one more item of preps before BBQ day.

Yesterday marked 23 years since I left home for Europe, got as far as a Rio de Janeiro stopover and never got to Europe.

No regrets that I missed Europe, after South America, it would have been boring.

I have travelled all over except Colombia and Venezuela. If you want to read some of my adventures, put “Sunday Travel Tales” in the search box at the top of the page.

Today marks the 39th birthday of my eldest daughter, a reminder that I’m not getting any younger.


A Uzi is not an age-appropriet fireaem for a child

Tragedy on a shooting range, a nine-year-old girl shoots her instructor with a Uzi SMG. This is crazy. The instructor was insane to let a girl, or boy for that matter, of that age use an SMG. As a firearms safety and range instructor for two decades range I have no problem with teaching kids to shoot, but with age-appropriate firearms, and some sessions of pre-range instruction before hand before ever putting live rounds in a gun.

A nine-year-old should be teethed on an airgun, a compressed air rifle, then progress to .22 rimfire. This is the way we did it with cadets, although they were trained on .22s they were also 13+ years old. Once they had proved proficient, they then progress to .303s then in later years 7.62s. The idea of putting an SMG of any type in the hands of such a young person is a recipe for disaster.

I read a poem yesterday. I thought I had saved the link, but not. It was about fire. It made me wonder about the human race. Why do we need to kill and use fire as a sacrifice? Even the Catholic church still uses burning incense today. Are we really civilised? Is it because fire is the most visiblely frightening of the four elements?

Change in temps today. Started off at 5:30am with a lovely sunny beginning, then after Nap-fu practice, I woke to clouds, a dark room and a fine mist.

It’s noon.

I might actually have lunch at lunchtime today. Poached flounder fillets on whole rice and a white parsley sauce. *Looks at wine rack*

Make that a white wine parsley sauce… then horror of horrors, I’ll have to drink the rest of the bottle. Shame.

A lunching I will go.




Evicting Polar Bears

polar-bear-global-warming-1This morning I opened my fridge and the polar bears were dancing with glee chanting there’s no global warming here!

How wrong they were. There was so much ice around the thermostat that the fridge has stopped being a fridge.

Now, I am in the middle of a major defrost. The fridge ice is melting faster than Greenland’s glaciers.

The kitchen floor floods when I do this, so I have to be on hand evry ten minutes with a squeegee to send the flood out to the yard.

Thank you to all those who wished a me pre-Birthday wishes, much appreciated.

b29e6e0708f50c5c65e8576f70aeea52Remember yesterday, I feared that something worthy of a Monday could happen? It did! At the supermarket checkout, all my buyings packed and ready to go… and I discovered my bank card wasn’t in my wallet. Luckily the big white chief was within shouting distance and came to the rescue. He let me go with the shopping and to pay later. The frete (delivery) driver said he’d never seen that before. I have had several conversations with him over the couple of years since the supermarket opened, so was on quite good terms. The truth of the matter was, I had no idea where my card was… I couldn’t be sure I hadn’t lost it, which would have meant a delay in paying. Luckily, when I got home, it was with the receipt from the botequim, where I paid last Thursday. Pheeeew!

So, yes, shit happens on Mondays.

Pickjled beetroot, yummy with beef and beer

Pickled beetroot, yummy with beef and beer

I’ve started readying things for BBQs at the end of the week. Last night boiled up some beetroot and it’s now in jars pickling in the fridge alongside the pickled onions.

I have to make some sauerkraut today and some chimichurri, which is a sort of Argentinian pesta with garlic. Garlic butter is also on the agenda. I love garlic bread with a BBQ.

I read a post yesterday that mentioned lomo saltado, which is a Bolivian/Peruvian alpaca steak dish. The name has always amused me. Lomo saltado, translated literally means “jumped alpaca steak”. What is that? An alpaca that has been jumped. I’d rather not know about the sex life of my meal.

Talk about US intelligence. How effective is their intelligence gathering? They have admitted that they didn’t know about the attack on the islamists at Libya’s airport by unknown aircraft, it “took them by surprise.” So much for their great intelligence network.

Russia is claiming that their latest military incursion into Ukraine was a mistake by troops that got lost. Pull the other leg, it’s got bells on it!

Some years back – five/six or so, on blogs long gone, I dared to suggest that the US was on the path to becoming a Spanish speaking third world country. Boy did I get rubbished for that. So much so, that one of my blog followers whom I knew well unfollowed having taken umbrage at the mere thought. I was later vidicated by the publishing of a book touting the same idea by a prominent American political writer.

Today I read that for the first time US schools will have a non-white majority this coming school year. 51%, but it’s the tip of the iceberg.

Sorry, Jim, how wrong was I?

Warm and sunny, hotter than nyesterday, expected high, 35ºC.

Nothing planned until 6pm when I have class.

I have another post teetering on a new record… Yay! Can it tip the scales?

Still posts to do, so I’ll blog along.






I am sorely tempted

NotaDrillTo go back to bed.

It’s Monday!

Now what can possibly go wrong today?

So far, the worst to happen is that I forgot to put sugar in my coffee, but I fear that could pale into insignificance when you consider the possiblities.

My standby monitor is threatening to close down, it just shrank the image a little more. Now that is worthy of Monday type crap. The monitor repair guy still hasn’t got my LCD monitor going. I’ll have to go see him AGAIN! What’s the bet he’s not home… of course he’s not, it’s MONDAY!

A cultural tomor

A cultural tomor

Cultural tumor – What a wonderful sounding phrase. I saw it over the weekend. It was referring to a British politician. Cultural tumor, doesn’t that just roll off the tongue?

You could also use it to describe social web sites, like FB.

“My husband left me!” Complained a headline in a major newspaper. This set me thinking… you OWN him? Does one human own another, isn’t that slavery? Actually, that’s what marriage is all about, slavery; one human owning another.

I see the new Dr Who started. People flocked to watch it. Sorry, for me Dr Who started and finished with William Hartnell; none of the others come close to cutting the mustard.

Ebola has escaped West Africa, there’s been two deaths in DR Congo.  It’s spreading. Even the UN is worried. England was reported as not fearing contamination, myopic bastards. This is going to explode into a global problem.

criancaWe have a big push here in Brazil for Criança Esperança (Children’s Hopes) on TV. It’s been a big thing here for twenty or more years. All the big name (read Brazilian) stars are behind it. And it does a lot of good. But why do we need it? Because the government isn’t doing its job! It’s the same with any charity anywhere in the world. If governments did their job, we wouldn’t need charity. They flog our money through taxes, and then expect us to foot the bill under the guise of charity. The governments are once again taking the people for a ride. And the people fall for it.

Sunny day out there, slight breeze, I’m due to go out for some therapy at the supermarket. If I don’t, I don’t eat. House full of wine and beer, but no food. I seriously need to reevaluate my priorities.

This week is birthday week. Friday I turn 63. What a great excuse for a BBQ! In fact, I plan two, one on Friday at the botequim, the other on Saturdy for family. I’m afraid next weekend will be another case of diminished responsibilty. So my head is full of plans.

I must toddle off…


Diminished Responsibility

Responsibility hides in here somewhere

Responsibility hides in here somewhere

It’s Sunday, I pleading diminished responsibility. Or taking whatever amendment of the constitution that says I can’t incriminate myself.

All was going well this morning. The laundry lady came and went, I had Nap-fued, I had emptied my mail box and had posted on most blogs.

Noon! That was when it happened.

Smells of BBQ wafted through my window.

“I have to investigate,” I said to myself.

I arrived with bottle of chilled beer just as they were serving liver, wonderful succulent BBQed liver.

My body cried “Gout!” A horrible thought that was immediately pushed to the back of the mind as I reached for the proffered platter.

And that… my dear readers, was that.

But the story doesn’t end there, oh no.

I paid my dues at the bar, ready to come home, and there was another BBQ right opposite my gate, on the praça side. I passed by (I hade to cross the road to do so), and was told “Pull up a chair!” I did as I was told. More BBQ, served with sides, rice, potato salad, forrofa and molho… AH, lunch.

By the time I got home three hours later, I was knackered (figuratively speaking) and seriously needed some more Nap-fu as I had now been BBQed twice.

It’s 4pm…

The football has started. Flamengo playing some obscure team. But I am compelled to post. To tell you that I have been a bad boy. My mouth is as dry as a little wooden god; too much salt, and I am drinking iced sparkling mineral water for penance… One should observe ones penance on a Sunday, don’t you think?

So it is that I have survived the entire day without making a single dirty dish to wash.

Sunday can be such a wonderful day of the week.

I look forward to another next week.




Two Hamburgers Later

I have no idea, it popped up when I googled ridiculous

I have no idea, it popped up when I googled ridiculous

I had most of my day’s posting done before 4am,

Yes, I know that’s ridiculous, okay?

I woke again about 8:30, and blogged a little more.

That was so exhausting that I retreated to Nap-fu practice and rewoke about noon.

More coffee.

And I made two hamburgers for lunch, actually they were hamburgerlettes, tha buns were so small. I ate the second at the botequim with beer.

Now one of the regulars was there. He had been there since 9ish, I know that because he nearly ran me over while I was standing drinking coffee in the middle of our newly carpeted bit of road admiring the asphalt .

Now, this guy is a nice guy. He’s merchant marine retired and full of stories. But when he’s chapado (drunk) he is intelligible and his most profound statement is something like “AAAARRRGGGHHHH!” with which he punctuates any silence. I couldn’t take it, I came home after one bottle and retreated to a further Nap-Fu.

Another door knocker with bible in hand this morning. Did he get a short shift. He complained that I wasn’t very considerate, to which I replied neither was he knocking on peoples’ gates. He seemed rather stunned by my retort, and stood there blinking in disbelief before toddling off to annoy the early morning chorus at the botequim.

I made this this morning in the early hours.

In the early hours I have my strangest ideas. 3am and coffee do wonderful things to the brain, some people call it inspiration, I call it insomnia.

It alludes to my long-held belief that we (our species) are not of this planet.

Ever figured out why they can’t find the missing link… there isn’t one to find.

I was working on the idea, that we are indeed from elsewhere, somewhere that we were expelled from. Maybe another human like species put all their meglomaniacs on the bus and that is why we are such a pathetically insane bunch. Our collective meglomania has been expunged in some to the point that we became normal, and are ready to put the remaining meglomanics on the next bus to go and terrorise another world.

I haven’t read the full story, just the headline, some idiot wants to open a witchcraft church school somewhere in England. Smacks of Hogwarts. Why? What would the curriculum be?

New Zealand politics has been rattled. The publiction of a new book about the incumbent prime minister’s party’s dirty tricks. Looks like squeaky clean John Keyes is really an A grade slime ball. Oh, and this is just before October elections… This should be fun.

The Chinese have pissed off the Americans. An armed Chinese Su-27 buzzed an American fighter in international waters, coming within 10 metres. Now as a person with limited aviation experience, I can assure you that 10 metres is damned close when you’re thumping along at 600+ knots, close enough to cause skids marks in a pilot’s underwear.

The Russsian convoy has retreated back to Russia. It appears that the relief was intended not for Ukranians but the pro-Russian sympathisers.

That’s it!

The night has been shattered by a rausous cacophony. My concentration is totally destroyed. There are some that would call this music, however, I certainly don’t  SOngs where the same six word are repeated ad nauseum to an infantile beat.

The chances of getting anything coherent from me now are gone.

I feel a thought coming; one that is commensurate with the current effluent music.




attachment-0012Now that I have your attention, I am back; as promised in the early hours.

I have absolutely no idea what I am about to write about, but that didn’t stop Obama from being president.

noideadoingSo let’s just trundle along and see what happens.

Whatever does happen will happen in the generous hour that I have allotted myself today instead of scrimping at the end of the day.

Coffee this morning was at 5am, so the day started early. I have, however, recovered with a lengthy Nap-fu practice; and more coffee.

We have new carpet. Yes, the nice men from the council put new asphalt on our part of the road this morning. Now the fact that it is election year and that we have been asking for this for four years wouldn’t have anything to do with it, would it? Nah, they wouldn’t be so low…

I have a new record. My post Cold Feet has crept up to 20 Likes. *Dances around the room*

I sat down before I fell down.

I was amused to read a headline in the wee small hours, “IS is the biggest threat to America” I felt that they left something out, a word… Should it not have been finished by adding “…American oil” Maybe that’s just my jaded thinking.

The Russian convoy has invaded Ukraine… Is the shit about to hit the fan?

The day is warm, it appears that spring has sprung. The temps creeping up to the high 20s again and the nights not so cool. Last night I even tossed the blanket off.

I have one class tonight at 5:30, then it’s weekend. Once again I have nothing planned for the weekend I expect it to be very relaxed apart from posting on my blogs. Beer will certainly play a part/s as will football, and if one of the neighbours has a BBQ, then so be it; who am I to complain.

Having said that, my student just cancelled, so the weekend has started, and it seems to be beer o’clock…



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