My imaginery tangent

My imaginary tangent

I often use the phrase “off on my tangent” when I stray from the topic or enter the realms of fantasy or the ridiculous.

I have been using the phrase for several years, well before this blog was started; my first personal blog, which I forget the name of now.

I imagine my tangent to be like an old rusty bicycle; rather decrepit, rusty and no seat.

The fact that it has no seat means that my mental meanderings are usually of short duration, as it’s rather uncomfortable.

By going off on my tangent I can never guarantee where I am going, or how I am going to get there, if indeed I ever do. It’s all rather pot luck really.

But it is fun. Life should be fun, or there’s no point to it. To go through life with a sombre expression or scowling with seriousness you forget to see the nice things along the way. One needs to have a light heart… and plenty of coffee. It just wouldn’t do at all to miss out on the coffee; that’s how we get to do stupid things faster.

One needs to do stupid things, if you don’t, you’ll never know what to expect from your offspring. Doing stupid things is a bit like a practice run for parenthood.

I think everyone should have a tangent to off on.

The blisters on your ‘as…k your mother for sixpence’ are worth it.

Just thought I’d say.

*gets off tangent*

I may/may not post later.