In my fridge there are some things which go with beer.

In my fridge

In my fridge

Like bacon, gherkins, olives and hotdogs.

There’s also cheese in the door, Camembert, Brie, Gouda and ordinary stuff.

And not considering, more beer.

The small piece of steak doesn’t count, that’s Princess Clorinha’s bit of steak. Only the best for my pussy.

Lunch yesterday was a salad. rolled ham, slices of corn beef and mustard, lettuce and potato salads. with tomatoes and parsley from my garden.

I felt so, so healthy.

It was great.

But then one healthy burp and a good fart later, I was hungry again.

Last night I was up at 12:30, having gone to bed at 10. Can’t remember what woke me, but I was on the PC for a couple of hours. I actually got most of my posts up in that time. Still not sleepy, I started browsing through old photos, and then disaster!

I felt like...

I felt like…

I killed a file with more than 1,000 Brazilian photos off a pendrive. Of course pendrive deletes don’t go into the Lixeira (Trash).

Now I have to figure out if I can recover them…

Back – Took a break to recover photos, some are corrupted but it looks like I saved about 70%.

Last night I had an urge. Comfort food!

I haven’t had bread ‘n butter pudding for ages and I just happened to have some leftover stalish bread. So guess what? Half an hour later I was eating freshly made hot B&B pudding with thick cream on top. It was so yummy, sultanas, raisins, jam and cinnamon! Talk about nostalgia and childhood memories.

Yesterday, I hit a new record, my post Hump Along crept up to 17 ‘Likes’, unprecedented.

I had to laugh last night reading the news. Putin giving a speech somewhere urging Europe’s leaders against aggression… unbloodybelievable! What a freakin’ hypocrite!

Missy Kirchner from Argentina is squealing, “It’s not a default, call it something else!” Then in this morning’s news, the judge has criticised her for telling ‘half truths’ about it affair to try to lessen the impact.

Ebola virus is out of control. The death toll has risen to 760+/-. WHO are now saying that the world is not prepared for this and we were too slow in acting to prevent spreading. Could this be our reckoning?

People need a reset button.


Reset button

So that when we face palm…

Face palm

Face palm

We auto-reset and the world returns to normal.

Talking about normal, I read a blog post yesterday about a woman who let her daughter have a pet cockroach, named Fluffy, no less. Today, it had escaped.

Is this a new fad?

He wants to go walkies!

He wants to go walkies!