normal_people_worry_me_by_calachi-dWho’s to say what’s normal, and what’s not?

There I go, off on my tangent again. That’s not how I meant to start this post.

*gets off tangent*

Normally I am up around six.

But this morning I made several false starts, midnight, 1:30am. 3am, 4:30am. I finally decide it was breakfast time around six, and that I should stay up.

After the first coffee of the day, I read the news.

After the second, I read the comments left over night and replied.

After the third, I visited the blogs of those who liked and commented.

After the fourth, I started to post and managed seven…

On the fifth coffee he rested. Couldn’t do much else, the coffeepot was empty.

Poos & Wees! My newer new mouse, the third in a week, has begun to double squeak click. Back to the shop, but not today, it’s raining… hard. I’ll just click lighter, or mark and use the delete button.

If I visualised my day, I'd be ready for straight jacket and tie

If I visualised my day, I’d be ready for straight jacket and tie

I saw an info graphic this morning. I was about getting up so you can make the most of the day. I got as far as “Visualise your Day!”

Hell, if I visualised my day, I’d roll straight over and go back to sleep! Talk about scary ideas.

While I may not be normal, I’m not yet ready for a straight jacket.

*Pondering* Gives a whole new meaning to ‘jacket and tie’ parties, doesn’t it?

*Looks into the cavernous depths of the coffee mug* As we often say in Portuguese, “Foi” (went) meaning, I’m gone!

Clorinha has got the rainy day sussed, she’s asleep on my clean washing on the sofa.

Well, I supposed that saves me doing the ironing.

advice-column-in-magazine-74So many people use ‘advice’ columns to handle trysts and affairs. “My boy friend wants to come back!” What a stupid question. You left him, or he you for a reason, answer, “NO!” If you can’t figure that out, maybe you should stop dating.

If people can’t figure out their problems it points to bad parenting.

People are so unprepared for life.

I have never sought such advice on such matters. I have joined a dating agency, I have no place for that crap in my life. I make decisions, some good some not so good, I live with the consequences of fix them.

Oh, and don’t get me started on shit like Oprah Winfrey… I’ll get back on my tangent! You don’t want that…

Benny is pulling his insidious toys out of the Gaza sandpit, he doesn’t want to play any more nasty games. Probably because the global playmates are getting ready to bully him! And, so they should!

I just yawned, and nearly blacked out. I think it’s time for Nap-fu practice.