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Clorinha is Gone

Tonight I came home just after 7pm, got a beer at the botequim, when friends pulled me to the side and gave me the news that Clorinha had been run over in front of the botequim. The plastic sack by the lamppost probably held my fluffy Clorinha. I had to confirm, she was still warm.

Still she is warm in my heart.

Clorinha's last photo, taken on Sunday in the praça on my new cellphone

Clorinha’s last photo, taken on Sunday in the praça on my new cellphone

I have just come in from burying her in the praça she loved. She’s beside my neighbour’s fox terrier who was poisoned a year ago. Tomorrow, I will plant a tree on the spot. I have a small goiaba (guava) tree growing in a tin. She loved guava, no she didn’t eat them, when they fell from my other tree she played with them batting them around the yard.

She was known and loved by the regulars at the botequim, endearing herself to them by rubbing against their legs.

Clorinha was my most difficult to ‘potty train’ and she loved to bite as a kitten, it was only in the last month that she stopped her biting, and accepted and sought stroking.

I’ll miss her purring under my chin at night in bed until I fell asleep.

She was a good little companion for a brief time, she was only six months old.

My misfortune was not the only one, my neighbours cat who played with Clorinha was also a victim, we suspect broken legs and facial damage. They are away at the vets with him now. I hope all is okay.

Clorinha loved the botequim. When I suggested, “Let’s go to the pub,” she was the first to the gate, wriggling underneath, waiting patiently for me to make a regular exit by opening the gate. I have posted the video before, but I do it again.



Mental Machinations

Mental Machinations

This is roughly what goes on in my mind when posting on my blogs.

It’s all terribly confusing.

Somewhere in there is a cog called normal, it’s a bit like the spleen; doesn’t do much.

I’ve been up since six, managed three coffees and three posts in 3½ hours and not much else, I think the cogs need lubricating.

Or maybe I need Nap-fu practice. It’s about that time.

I made a wonderful lunch yesterday. I was going to take a photo to make you drool all over your keyboard; but I was hungry and ate it instead. Crumbed sole fillets, boiled potatoes, cauliflower with grated cheese and a cracked white pepper sauce over the fish.

Yesterday I mentioned normal. I found the answer.


I checked…


She’s right! Normal Dry.

Well, that’s one thing I don’t need to worry about; I don’t have a drier.

My jubilation over getting my 1,000th Twitter followers was short lived, last night the count had dipped to 997, but it’s gaining again, 998. Erratic just like the stock market.

iteuroItaly’s in the poo again.

Economy shrinking.

Further proof that there isn’t any recovery.

The Euro was a mistake.

Headline news: Chain Saw Massacre actress dies, wow! I don’t even know who she was…

Now that Israel has packed up its play things The world must really look at their illegal blockade of Gaza. Gaza needs to be rebuilt, but Israel bans building materials… what are they? Freakin’ sadists? Egypt is being sued (today’s news) in the African Court for supporting the illegal blockade. I hope it is successful.

The rain has stopped, the sun is out, one should be outside enjoying life… Bugger that, normal people do that. I’m having a nap. Then I am going to repeat yesterday’s lunch theme, cabbage instead of cauliflower.



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