I am staring at a foreign page, strange, unknown, weird.

I am bewildered, confused, puzzled.

But then I am old, so that’s normal, at least

WordPress has sprung a shifty on us and redesigned the page. Oh 1:30am confusion!

WTF is a slug?

WTF is a slug?

I stuck my toe in the water, and looked at some of the drop-down boxes… I found a slug! Yes, it’s in Advanced settings.

Not sure if I want slugs…

Anyway this one seems to have manners, at least.

This is like trying to drive a manual (stick shift) after 20 years behind an automatic drive.

I’m sitting here with double strength coffee clicking my heels to get back to Kansas. Dorothy, it’s not working!

That was not going to be my opening gambit.

My post title was going to be “Becoming a Habit!”

My dirty coffeepot in action at 1:30am

My dirty coffeepot in action at 1:30am

Yes, making coffee at 1:30am is becoming a habit.

I have been awake since 12:30, not really a case of insomnia, because I went to bed at 9:30pm and have had four hours uninterrupted glorious sleep.

My dirty coffeepot is not a case of sloth, or being slovenly, but rather it is never out of action long enough to scour.

Oh, that coffee is was wonderful.

Need more! BRB

Boy, that coffee is strong. I had to add some boiling water to knock it back a notch. Must’ve put 5 spoons in instead of four…

Eating BBQ leftovers from last night's supper

Eating BBQ leftovers from last night’s supper

Kitty is feeling more and more at home.

She wanders in, meows, and looks at the food bowls.

She is still mistrustful, if I make a sudden move in the kitchen, she is in escape mode in a flash.

With the passing of Robin Williams, I have seen reference to his many films. Many more than I was aware of. I have marked a few for dowloading off eMule.

I am still perplexed over this ‘new look’ and not sure where to go from here…

Maybe back to bed would be best.