Yes, I’ve got the window open. Actually it has been open for a couple of hours. I am waiting for inspiration.

*Looks around the room*

Today, I am on the mend. I feel shattered after this last bout of Montezuma’s Revenege.

After yesterday morning’s trots, I expected this to be the result, but the ediface stood up well. I feel more like this than the throne.

My hopes of getting a photo of Kitty’s kittens lapsed yesterday afternoon, when I was informed the the untrustworthy bastard had collected her and them and taken them home late Saturday.

I didn’t see Kitty until this morning and she has been in three times today.

Lovely day to start with, woke up from Nap-fu practice at 2pm and needed to turn on the light it was so dull and chilly. We could well be in for rain later during the night.

Beer Pillow

Beer Pillow

I found this the other day…

Want one!

About the quality of blogs. I hit a link the other day, 100 Best Blogs on WordPress. I don’t know what they use as their criteria, but I was moved to open two and they weren’t worth the finger pressure.

Maybe my expectations are too high.

Twitter is the same, but worse. All the time it suggests Twits to follow, I have never followed one; opened a couple but closed them quickly again. You’d think with all their damned algorithms and junk that they’d learn I don’t like this shit.

I thought I’d clarify something. Any blogger who likes one of my posts, I visit. I get quite a few new posts emails too. If the content is in any way commercial or product reviews, I ignore it. I believe I have ads on my blogs, this is not my choice; I’m stuck with the damn things because I have free blogs. If I could get rid of them without paying, I would. I hate this advertising shit. I have never knowingly clicked on an ad on the internet, and will never do so. I find this kind of advertising to be instrusive and an abuse of a person’s rights. Oh, not only WP, but every site. I have three ad blockers loaded, so in the main I am not worried anymore.

My opinion of the internet is it should be free, if it’s on the net, it’s free. If you want somebody to pay for it, then advertise elsewhere. Waaaay back in the early days I bought one programme, and that was it. I haven’t paid for anything since.

funny-love-heart-pint-love-you-too-beer-picsI am here neither to make money, nor spend it.

I know, the kids are right; I’m a velho caduco (grumpy old man).

I think everyone should have something to believe in, something to love and to cherish. It is for that reason, when I have finished this post, I believe I will go for a beer.

My blog post with 18 Likes has been joined by two more. I must be doing something right.

Liberia has lost 17 Ebola patients after the centre for treatment was attacked. This is going to blow out of all proportion. If it becomes global, it’ll make AIDS look like the commom cold.

Saw a disturbing report yesterday. Horses in California and the westcoast are sick, hundreds of them, some are so sick that their skin is falling off. It’s not happening anywhere else and it has never happened before Nobody knows why. And, nobody is suggesting it is the results of fallout from Japan’s Kukushima troubles. I am. If this is happening to horses, what’s in store for humans?

We are fools. We don’t know what we are doing. We don’t have any idea of the consequences.

Nothing very funny today, just random thoughts.

Beer o’clock.