Why I never drink Decaf coffee

Why I never drink Decaf coffee

Less than a half hour before panic stations.

The net was down this morning, so I went to the supermarket for some retail therapy.

Therapied myself stupid!

Three bottles of wine and some food. The meat today was crap, so I sufficed with sausages, mincemeat and hotdogs. I also started to buy some bits and pieces for my birthday BBQ next weekend. Much more to buy.

I must appologise to my regulars, the last two posts have been a bit lacklustre, and today’s will be no better.

With the revamp of WP post page, I miss the post title count. In the old format, after you had wiitten in the title, i came up with a count of the number of times you had used that title. It’s gone. I miss it, especially for my regular posts on some blogs. The new page also has a nasty habit that when I click on the parameters for images, it pops up to the top of the page again, then I have to scroll it back down, That’s annoying.

The world doesn't really know where it is going

The world doesn’t really know where it is going

This IS (Islamic State) bullshit, and the death of the American reporter, needs to be dealt with. Along with those nasty bastards Boko Harum. I have nothing against geniune Muslims, but these are just pathetic barbaric bastards that need to be taken out and given their 72 virgins (I hope they are all old shrivelled nuns).

In the state of the world, reading about the economy and the probablity of a mass revolt against the government, they often talk about a ‘spark’ that will ignite the rebellion. I had wondered if this police shooting of the boy in Ferguson would be that spark. But things seems to have calmed down a bit.

It’s all a bit of a worry really.

I see that scientists have discovered the elelment of suprise…

element of surpriseWith that, I’ll love and leave you.