I have no idea, it popped up when I googled ridiculous

I have no idea, it popped up when I googled ridiculous

I had most of my day’s posting done before 4am,

Yes, I know that’s ridiculous, okay?

I woke again about 8:30, and blogged a little more.

That was so exhausting that I retreated to Nap-fu practice and rewoke about noon.

More coffee.

And I made two hamburgers for lunch, actually they were hamburgerlettes, tha buns were so small. I ate the second at the botequim with beer.

Now one of the regulars was there. He had been there since 9ish, I know that because he nearly ran me over while I was standing drinking coffee in the middle of our newly carpeted bit of road admiring the asphalt .

Now, this guy is a nice guy. He’s merchant marine retired and full of stories. But when he’s chapado (drunk) he is intelligible and his most profound statement is something like “AAAARRRGGGHHHH!” with which he punctuates any silence. I couldn’t take it, I came home after one bottle and retreated to a further Nap-Fu.

Another door knocker with bible in hand this morning. Did he get a short shift. He complained that I wasn’t very considerate, to which I replied neither was he knocking on peoples’ gates. He seemed rather stunned by my retort, and stood there blinking in disbelief before toddling off to annoy the early morning chorus at the botequim.

I made this this morning in the early hours.

In the early hours I have my strangest ideas. 3am and coffee do wonderful things to the brain, some people call it inspiration, I call it insomnia.

It alludes to my long-held belief that we (our species) are not of this planet.

Ever figured out why they can’t find the missing link… there isn’t one to find.

I was working on the idea, that we are indeed from elsewhere, somewhere that we were expelled from. Maybe another human like species put all their meglomaniacs on the bus and that is why we are such a pathetically insane bunch. Our collective meglomania has been expunged in some to the point that we became normal, and are ready to put the remaining meglomanics on the next bus to go and terrorise another world.

I haven’t read the full story, just the headline, some idiot wants to open a witchcraft church school somewhere in England. Smacks of Hogwarts. Why? What would the curriculum be?

New Zealand politics has been rattled. The publiction of a new book about the incumbent prime minister’s party’s dirty tricks. Looks like squeaky clean John Keyes is really an A grade slime ball. Oh, and this is just before October elections… This should be fun.

The Chinese have pissed off the Americans. An armed Chinese Su-27 buzzed an American fighter in international waters, coming within 10 metres. Now as a person with limited aviation experience, I can assure you that 10 metres is damned close when you’re thumping along at 600+ knots, close enough to cause skids marks in a pilot’s underwear.

The Russsian convoy has retreated back to Russia. It appears that the relief was intended not for Ukranians but the pro-Russian sympathisers.

That’s it!

The night has been shattered by a rausous cacophony. My concentration is totally destroyed. There are some that would call this music, however, I certainly don’t  SOngs where the same six word are repeated ad nauseum to an infantile beat.

The chances of getting anything coherent from me now are gone.

I feel a thought coming; one that is commensurate with the current effluent music.