Now I'm plucking ideas from the clouds

Now I’m plucking ideas from the clouds

Several times earlier in the day, I made to post here, but thought, no it’s too early.

Now it’s later, and I’m not sure if I want to anymore.

Maybe I should have when I had the impetus, then I wouldn’t be writing this rubbish.

So far the most exciting thing I’ve done is throw out an orange that was trying to be a planet; in that it was growing a host of little furry green colonies all over it.

But then I did go to the supermarket, that sent a brief shiver of excitement up the spine.

I didn’t stay long, it was Wednesday, full of ignorant women hunting the meat bargains. I stayed well away from the butchery as I have passed the evolutionary stage of being a hunter/gatherer and the need to fight for my meat. I threw the basics of what I needed in the shopping cart and ran straight into a brick wall.

checkoutbrickwallOf the 14 checkouts, five were operating. Yes, it was lunch time. Each of the checkouts was knee deep in angry women.

Eventually, I escaped unscathed, although I can’t say the same for my bank card.

Football has started. Argentina vs Germany somewhere, which is a fair indication that it’s beer o’clock.

No classes today, so I will heed the plaintif cries emanating from the botequim.


An orange want to be a planet

An orange wants to be a planet