A cheese and hamlette

A cheese and hamlette

Actually it was a hamlette…

“Conscience doth make omelettes for us all.”
― William Shakespeare, Hamlet

…Or something like that… 🙂

I snacked last night on weinerschnitzel pieces, and felt pangs of hunger this morning, so I had breakfast.

I’m getting in early today, so you don’t need to suffer the puerile offerings of yesterday.

I have made some notes about what to post, but I can’t read them. My pencil was blunt.

Ah, I deciphered one: But I already posted about cooking Mexican casseroles…

He really needs his Mommy

He really needs his Mommy

Bieber has been arrested again. Assualt and drunk. Honesly this guy’s a menace. So many adoring fans think that he is an example to follow. No wonder the world is a mess.

And he can’t even spell “you’re”.

But then that’s not surprising. I read an article yesterday that so many English teachers don’t understand English grammar. That sucks, no wonder people are LOLling everywhere.

How can you teach a subject, if you don’t know it?

Here’s the rub, most English teachers think English is a Latin language, they have no idea that English is in fact a Germanic language.

Yes, the Angles invading from Saxony (Germany) introduced German, hence English is often referred to as Anglo Saxon; the Anglo has nothing to do with the English. Why do you think that only English, German, Dutch and Friesan have modal auxiliaries? Because they are Germanic.

There, managed to decipher my scratchings…

It’s raining, no that’s stopped, now it’s sunny again.


Beer Money

Classes today, starting at 4pm, home about 8:30. New group starting tomorrow, 6pm to 9:30… Yay! More beer money.

Worst of all I now have two classes on Saturdays, 9am to noon, then noon to 1:30. That buggers up Saturdays.

Raining again…

Question in the botequim the other night from a regular who knows I am an atheist. “What do you believe in?”

I picked up my empty bottle and replied thoughtfully, “I believe I’ll have another beer.”

No more silly questions.


I’ll leave you with a thought from a great man before I have my Nap-fu practice.

Albert Eistein

Albert Eistein


Sorry it’s so small, squint or put your glasses on, I had to… but it sums up the world today.