Japanese wasabi

Japanese wasabi

No, NOT that type of sloshed.

In fact, I only drank water.

After last class last night I went out for suchi with my student. Wonderful, wonderful sushi. It has been a couple of months since I ate it. I needed a fxi. The problem was that I had too much wasabi, you know that hot, hot green gunk they put on the plate.

The trouble is, they don’t use real wasabis, the Japanese stuff. Usually it is replaced by horseradish abd food colouring  which is much hotter.

The result was, that I was up at 2am and my mouth was so dry. I drank a whole litre of chilled chocolate milk. Didn’t work, then I was drinking sparkling mineral water and ice. Sort of worked, so I went back to bed.

As I lay down I sloshed.

Remember the scene in Finding Nemo, when Marlin and Dory were in the whale?

whalenemoSloshing about with all that water… that’s pretty much what I felt like.

I eventually fell into a waterlogged sleep.

Whikle I was getting waterlogged, I managed most of my posting for the day.

The day has been spent profitably pottering around home, doing the myriad of little jobs that I often neglect. I even did the dishes…

Lunch, hotdogs in a hot curry sauce on rice. Mouth is still tingling.

Now, I must take a small table to work for my laptop. I have two new groups starting, one tonight, and the other tomorrow. The current arrangement is not exactly professional, so…