My BBQ corner yesterday

My BBQ corner yesterday

I was terribly disappointed yesterday to discover that my pork leg chop once defrosted proved to be two sirloin chops.

Still one must make do.

Life is so hard.

But it turned out to be  a pleasant interlude for  Sunday.

Today is Monday. So far the only thing that has gone wrong is that I forgot to put credits in my cellphone while at the supermarket.

I didn’t really need to go to the supermarket, but it was next door to where I pay my ISP bill, so killed two birds with one stone.

Day off today. Because I am now working on Saturdays my bossette has deemed I should have Mondays off. That’s okay by me. But it has left me disorientated. Sunday seemed like Saturday, now Monday seems like Sunday, but the bar is closed….

The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant again. Seems that Kensington Palace has become the Royal Baby Factory once more.

Royal Baby Factory

Royal Baby Factory – Making Royal Babies since 1689

Major headline news: The supreme leader of Iran had prostrate surgery… Did we really need to know this?

Septic Blathermouth is running for president of FIFA, again. The game will never prgress.

Russia is threatening to block its airspace to foreign airlines in retaliation for the latest sanctions. Fine, close the rest of the world to Russian airlines. Who gives a shit?

Annoying. I read a blog post this morning; great post. I wanted to comment, but in order to do so I had to register with Discus… Hit the Red X in the top right corner. Why do people make it so hard? I have another niggle. Why don’t BlogSpot blogs have a ‘Like’ button? Recently one of my favourite blogs moved from WordPress to BS. I often used the ‘Like’ button instead of commenting.

I am really peeved. Yahoo Mail has been adding an advertising line in the mail list.

Yahoo Instrusive Ad

Yahoo Instrusive Ad

To get rid of it costs $49.99.

I’m more likely to finish with Yahoo and go elsewhere than play their stupid game.

Lovely sunny day out there. I have been for two walks around the praça just to enjoy the outdoors. I need to do that more often, it’s quite envigorating.

Haven’t had lunch yet, but the chances are it will be a beef curry on rice.

I just looked at the clock, it’s nearly 4pm!

Lunch time, I’m off.