mentalfogI have just recovered from a Nap-fu. Actually recovering would be a better way to put it.

I am suffering from a mental fog. My eyelids are heavy, my vision is turvo (out of focus), I am not particularly thinking straight (you have no idea of the effort it is taking to press every single key here), and the coffee isn’t working.

It’s hot out there. Hotter than yesterday, going outside is like walking into an oven, hot and dry. And the botequim is shut.

Now I have a confession.

I have just read a blog post that started oiff with a rant about a couple of things. One of them pricked my conscience; sport fishing.

Look, I caught a fish!

Look, I caught a fish!

Now in my later years, I see there is no sport in fishing regardless fo the argument whether fish feel pain or not. But why is it that we are raised on fishing? As kids we used to gether at the local creek and catch cockabullies, put them in a jar, then a bucket at home where they’d all eventually die. Later, about the age of ten our father used to take us to the wharves at Lyttelton and we’d fish, he taught us to fish with lines. We’d catch foot long sharks, kill them, and then what? They went into the garden as fertiliser; we never ate them. Kids get fishing rods as presents, birthdays and Christmas. Why do we raise our kids on fishing when it’s not necessary?

Look at the kid in the picture, full of pride. But what of the fish, will it be eaten? Probably not at this size.

So what’s the point?

I could understand it if we had to fish for survival, but we don’t. We are just destroying another of nature’s creatures.

I have never taught any of my kids to fish.

The Scots are due to have a yes/no referendum about independence. Personlly, it doesn’t bother me one way or the other, it is merely an interesting democratic exercise. However to the Scots, it’s important. The referedum is a civilised way of doing it.  On the other side of the Channel, the Spansih are totally different. It has caused protests, deaths and outlawing of some. Why? Why can’t the Spaniards behave in a civilised manner? Why can’t the Spanish government see that if the Catalans, and others want independence perhaps because they don’t like the way the government is ‘representing’ the people, If the government were doing things right, then maybe independence may not be an issue.

Then there are the people, maybe the issue is national pride. But whatever, the government should be supporting the people to overcome the problems, not behaving in a dictatorial manner to prevent it.

Yahoo is stupid. Just as stupid as Google and Twitter. Yahoo sends me a daily news feed, I delete without opening it. You’d think after so many months, they’d get the message… Duh, he doesn’t want this”. Today, to add insult to injury, they sent it twice!

My kids have just left. They have English with me on Thursdays. stepdaughter, daughter and future daughter-in-law. Now I have an hour to get organised for the course…

Have a good day.