Standing in front of the fridge, "Why am I here?"

Standing in front of the fridge, “Why am I here?”

That’s a question I have often asked myself in moments of an intense philosophical attack.

But not so this morning as I stood in front of the fridge, coffee cup in hand, wondering, “Why am I here?”

Eventually the fog cleared, and I reached for the milk.

I have these philosophical flashes from time to time, normally they are more fitting to enormity and complexity of life and occur in the strangest of places. They can hit me while I am doing the dishes, sitting in the throne room or simply trying to go to sleep.

You’ll notice the fridge is faily full, and not a beer in sight. Cold pizza, yes, cold savouries, yes, but no beer. That means that after class I’ll have to set my personal GPS to ‘botequim‘ in case I get lost.

redpendriveI am clearing a pendrive, making a backup. Two of my students last night reported that they found a virus file called Kick Ass on their pendrives after I had given them some study files.

I was surprised because I have never seen any sign of this on either my PC here, or lappy at work. So I am going to reformat my pendrive, and transfer files from the lappy at work, to see if this Kick Ass bastard appears.

I have to get most of my posts up before work, 50 minutes away, because after work, and after a beer if my GPS works as it should, the last thing I’ll want feel like doing is posting.

I haven’t made any notes since my post yesterday. That’s a fairly solid indication that nothing has in fact happened in the world, either on a global or personal level.

So with nothing to snarl about this morning, I’ll blog along.