My On/Off switch

My On/Off switch

Yes, it’s true, I have an On/Off switch.

On when the cup is full and Off when the cup is empty.

It determines when and where I should do things.

Today, I planned so much. Here’s what I have managed not to do so far.

  • Dishes
  • Put out the recycle rubbish
  • Pay the rent
  • Go to the supermarket
  • Have lunch

I did manage, in a fit of sheer madness, to sweep the yard; and have a Nap-fu practice.

The day started off fine and sunny. But the wind is up, with storm clouds looming and it looks like the promise of rain may well hold true, it’ll be a quickie. Then the forecast tells us more hot weather until Friday. Yesterday managed 39ºC (that’s a bout 100ºF) not bad for winter.

The old blackboard

The old blackboard

On taking notes

My students, at least some of them, are cunning buggers. Do you remember the old days in class when one had to physically take notes from the blackboard. Mine don’t, they make me do all the work, then photgraph my notes on their cellphones and tablets.


I read an official report yesterday. Fracking for oil has nothing to do with polluted water. The problem is faulty wells.

Yeah, pull the other leg, it’s got bells on it.

Tell me how wells that previously weren’t faulty suddenly ‘became’ faulty as fracking started near them. And this on a global scale. Some of the bastards that write these reports really have their heads in the clouds; no idea of reality.

A building collapse in the capital of Nigeria. The cause of the collapse was a small plane flying overhead; according to the popular evangelist who owns the building. Nothing to do with the fact that the buildings structure may have been compromised by adding additional floors. Everybody trusts the word of the evangelist… no need to question his findings.

halfcoffeeThe old story, is the cup half full of coffee, or half empty. To me there obviously isn’t enough coffee in the cup…

“Coca Cola, Heinz And Other Major Food Companies Warn Climate Change Threatens Business” a headline today. These major comanies are not at all worried that millions of people may starve because of climate change; but they’re as worried as Hell about their profits. Callous bastards.

My opinion…. serves you right!

I have moved my List of Things to do Today, to my List of things to do Tomorrow.

There I feel much better now; and I have plenty of time left for another Nap-fu practice. I’m getting good at this.

So, what more can I say?