Sushi Me - my future

Sushi Me – my future

Well, the process has started.

The sushification of AV!

I was up most of the night watching YouTubes on making sushi, which I discovered means vinegared rice, what we commonly call sushi is actually nigri… there ya go; learn something everyday.

Actually, I knew that nigri were called that, I didn’t know what sushi meant. And I already knew about makimonos, gari, wasabi and stuff, but nori (seaweed) was new to me as well.

I also learned how to cook the ‘perfect’ Japanese rice, all that remains now is to see if I can make it perfectly.

I also learned that ‘sushi grade’ fish is bullshit. What they mean is really fresh fish. Calling it sushi grade is just a reason to double the price…

After a few more videos, I reckon I’ll be ready to experiment when I can afford the makings.

More rain over night, but the sky is clearing this morning. Still cool with the slightest zephyr of wind, just enough to make the leaves on my guava trees move. Not brave enough to venture outside shirtless yet. I’m old, not silly!

I haven’t really read the news yet, so I don’t know what’s happening or happened in the world….

*pregnant pause* while I read the news.

Lots of protests about climate change. 10,000s of Russians took to the streets over Russia’s interference in Ukraine, demanding that ‘he who shall not be named’ tell the truth. Venezuela is going to disarm the people… idiot. Miley Cyrus has upset the Mexicans, now that doesn’t surprise me, she’s always upset me. Hong Kong students are boycotting classes in protest at China’s refusal to grant them democracy. New Zealand now wants a new flag vote in 2015. Abbott Idiot syas that security comes before Australian freedoms; he’s been listening to too much Obama. Apart from all that, the planet is still headed for disaster.

Nap-fu Master gets grumpy if he doesn't practice

Nap-fu Master gets grumpy if he doesn’t practice

I am about to make breakfast, shrimp fritters.

By the time I have done that it will be time for Nap-fu practice.

And get up in time for lunch.

Then I’ll be ready to face what’s left of the day.

I have absolutely nothing planned, so it should go smoothly, despite being a Monday.

I might add, that so far nothing untoward has befallen me this day… yet.