Yes, late I am.

Nap-fu practice is eesential after lunch.

I am late because I stopped to watch this while downtown this morning.

I had grandstand seats

I had grandstand seats

The Corpo dos Palhacos Bombeiros (clowns, Firemen) were there, late, but they got there, it was such a circus.. They had no more idea how to fight a fire than I do of flying to then moon.

Now, I am not a trained firefighter, although, I have done several courses while in the air force on basic and advanced firefighting first aid. My walking stick has more idea of fighting fires than they do.

Firstly, they parked the fire tender in the wrong place. Secondly, they should have torn down the plastic façade which would have given them direct access to the seat of the fire. Thirdly, they ran out of water and the tender had to go away to get more. It was 45 minutes later that they discovered there was a water source in the mall opposite. Fourthly, it was sadly hilarious to watch two of them try to figure out how to oparate an extension ladder, they had no idea.


By the time all this was done, the fire took hold.

The futile comedy of errors resulted in this

The futile comedy of errors resulted in this

This gave  me a much needed respite after walking, walking downtown. I felt guilty sitting there watching while I had a deserved cigarette.

Why was I walking?

Good question, Last night I happened to mention my plans to learn the art of sushification. One student on hearing that I was going to go to Mundo Verde (Green World) for sushi making supplies, told me of a small shop nearer to downtown that sold stuff cheaper than MV. I found said shop, and indeed it did have cheaper nori (seaweed) than MV; R$9 as opposed to R$25. The internet of all things bright and beautiful informed me there was an MV near the supermarket; it was only three bloks away, so off I went. I arrived huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf… where was the MV? Only in Calçadão (downtown pedestrian street), I was informed…. I had just come from there.


So off I hobbled, that was when I saw the smokey beginnings of the fire. I paused for a well earned rest and obligatory cigarette. I watched the show for an hour, and continued on my way.

Passing by various shops including the MV, they had next to nothing,  and supermarket, then the restauarant for lunch and eventually home.

Certainly more excitement than your average day orff.

The net result of my excursion was that I arrived home with enough makings for a practice sushi run.

Last night I was reading horror stories.

Yanagibabocho, second from top

Yanagibabocho, second from top

In an endeavour to get things right, I was perusing sites that sold sushi knives. A hand-forged steel yanagibabocho can set you back $2,600, so after looking for something suitable, I found a Brazilian knife that hopefully will do the trick for R$6.90… Yeah, I know, I’m tight fisted. But I figured that I was fighting salmon, not some enraged Samurai.

At the supermarket, I found pieces of frozen salmon suitable for the trick. I also got some black and white sesame seeds and some cream cheese.

My mornings shopping looked something like this.

Sushi making paraphernalia

Sushi making paraphernalia

The half kilo (1lb) of shortgrain rice was the most expensive item, what you see set me back R$50. The special bamboo bowl for mixing the rice was another R$170… meanwhile I will use a plastic mxing bowl.

I’m ready to begin my adventure.

Now the question is… Can he do it?

I have decided that if my efforts look remotely like sushi, I will take them to the botequim to share. However, if I produce a dismal failure, I’ll tuck my tail between my legs and eat at home like a whipped cur.

An exciting and somewhat frustrating day.