I had to have another go while I had plenty of rice left over.

My lunch yesterday.

Lunch at the botequim

Lunch at the botequim

To sit on the veranda at the botequim, sushi with beer. Wonderful way to do it. It was so yummy.

Cool day, it’s trying to rain. I hope it holds off until I get to work in an hour.

Is this a wlid flower, or is it just angry?

Is this a wlid flower, or is it just angry?

Reading a post yesterday and it was about wild flowers. It made me think, just what is a wild flower? What would make a flower wild?

My mind wandered, and I came up with this daisy.

Remarkable event; I did the dishes, then I cooked lunch. You’d never think I went near the sink this morning.

Nothing much doing. I’ve been a bit slack today. Currently enjoying a late afternoon coffee.

North Korea has reported that its illustrious leader is sick; doesn’t say what with, but it has caused him to miss some official engagements. With any luck he won’t recover, one more despot less.

An American worker fired from his job beheaded a colleague and wounded another. Yes, he is a Muslim and had recently tried to convert his colleagues to Islam.

Ah, the pitter patter of raindrops on the carport…

China has uncovered $10bn in fake trading, thet’ll dent their wallet.



Weird, cricketers played a game on top of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania; making it the highest game of cricket in the world at 5,730 metres (about 18,800ft). Clouds stopped play.

Daft buggers.

Now the internet is playing up, downloads so slow. So it’s time to say…


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