busyfrogI think I can!

I’m nearly there.

Running on two coffees and I have nearly completed my post load for the day.

I’m really quite excited.

I’ll even have time to make fresh coffee… *quivers*

It did rain last night, just as I was about to go to work, so I wore my jacket to keep dry although It wasn’t cold. By the time I got to work I think I was wetter with sweat, than I would have been walking in the light rain.

Today, of course, is another screwed up Saturday, I have classes from 9am to 1:30pm, that’s the reason I am up at this god-awful hour to keep you all happy… Such stupidity dedication.

I didn’t tell you that in my hunt for sushificating stuff, I discovered something else. In the same shop they had herbs; herbs that I couldn’t find anywhere else. Exciting stuff like sage and thyme, which don’t appear much in Brazilian cuisine. They also had bulk bins of some commonly used ingredients, flour, sugar, etc. This shop will feature on my shopping list, because I can now pursue my aim of being greener and not forced to buy pre-packaged items. My final find of the day was a small potted sage plant, so it is now living happily in my garden alongside the parsley.

Headline news… Chelsea Clinton has given birth! Somebody has finally had the guts to call Israel’s war against Gaza… genocide! Argentina is still trying to squirm out of its debt obligations. The Russians had a serious talk with Hungary, three days later, Hungary stopped supplying Ukraine with gas. Finally after 18 years of corruption, India has jailed a politician. The Nigerian government isn’t taking measures against the evangelist owner of the collapsed building, he is now being sued privately.

The world is still as screwed up as ever.

The big hand on the clock is slowly edging towards the 12, while the little hand is on 8, that means I have 30 minutes before….

Panic attack warning.…and I’m still siting here in all my smelly sweaty glory.