Yup, I’ve got the lot now.

Move over Simon and Garfunkel!

before my shopping spree last week, sage and thyme were missing. I have sage and parsley growing, I must get thyme and rosemary plants.

This song was always one of my favs of S & G.

Oh, I just realised I posted the full album…. okay so enjoy it. It is playing as I type.


The clip was removed from YouTube for copyright breach, this is a different clip and not the full album…

This post will be interrupted by the need to eat. The rice is cooloing off, the sweet curry sauce has the strips of fast grilled rump steak marinating in it. As soon as the rice has had its ten minute rest…. I’m off to the botequim.

wrong-way-sign-03Monday, so far nothing has gone wrong.

Let’s hope it stays that way.

Nap-fu practice went well. I was up earlyish (emphasis on ‘ish’) and after six posts I was exhausted.

Remember my tree dilemma?

I have an authoritive answer courtesy my Happiness Engineer.

Lunch and the news are over.

We return to the normal programme.

The concensus of opinion was an acacia, apparently not.

Yes, my tree. Well, it’s not mine, it’s in the park.

A comment from Rachel: “I asked my dad about this tree and he just got back to me. He’s an expert on legumes and this tree is one. Here’s what he said, “The tree is the Kassod tree or Senna siamea. It is native to SE Asia but recognised as a weed in north Qld.”

So, a kassod (cassod) tree. It is used in Thai and Burmese cuisine. It also has nedicinal value, but in excess can cause liver damage.

Thanks for the heads up on that Rachel.

New Zealand has a problem with glowing bones in pet food. The manufacturers can’t explain it; the dogs won’t eat it.


Capture from Press video

“The eerie fluorescent blue glow emanating from a pair of dog bones bought for her dog Tyke left Taranaki woman Fiona Wallis hunting for answers. “The Press

Apparently they have discovered the cause, check the link and see why.

It appears that The communist leaders in China have created a problem in Hong Kong over the decision not to allow full emancipation of the little colony. The people in HK aren’t taking this refusal lightly. Many parts of HK are blokaded by demonstrations, and look likely to remain that way until the decision is reversed. Initially the police tried to disperse the protestors with tear gas and pepper spray, but it backfired; it merely encouraged more protesters. The police have now been withdrawn.

The new face of Windows 9

The new face of Windows 9

Windows 9. MNicrosoft have finally realised that Windows 8 failed. Windows 9 will be launched soon. Like all Windows products since XP, I expect 9 to fail as well.

The news report has disappeared… so I can’t link you to it.

Maybe it has already failed? ūüôā

The sooner MS realises that they have to bring back XP, the better off the world will be.

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 all absolute rubbish.

So, it is with a heavy heart and a full belly that I will say…