Wasted time

Yes, another one bites the dust.

Three more months and we’ll be into 2015. But before that all the hooha of Xmas.

I am debating whether to go to the supermarket. Writing this post is a justification for procrastinating.

List of Things to do today:

1. Make a list of things to do.

Well, that takes care of that.

I really need to go to the supermarket. I need bread, water and most of all food.

Muggy today, rained a little overnight, so I don’t need to water the plants today. Expected high of 34ºC, it’s not there yet.

Classes later.

I’m jealous. My neighbour got a new kitset BBQ delivered last night. Now I want one.

It’s pitiful. The Hong Kong leader pathetically tells people to go home. Doesn’t he realise that he’s lost it? China has blacked out the news of the disobedient little colony and wants HK under control. But that’s not going to happen. Xi has mad a grave mistake, and he knows it. Time to panic. Can you imagine 1.3bn Chinese in an uprising?

anti-FaceBook, yes, there’s a new site that does basically the same as FB, except they don’t have advertising and don’t use your information. Thousands of people are flocking to Ello. We need more of this.

George Clooney got married. Like he was the last eligible bachelor on the planet. I thought he had more sense. Wrong again!

Parody is now a crime! They take all the fun out of life.

Owing to a complete and utter failure of my inspiration mode, I’m off to the supermarket while the sun is shining.

I apologise for the breveity of this post.