Porto Réccua TawnyIn fact, mine was an Porto Réccua Tawny port

So it wasn’t just any port.

I don’t often drink at home, but sometimes just feel like an evening tipple.

Yesterday was the last day of September, the spring has spung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the birdies is? – often said by my mother.

1st October, a pinch and a punch for the first of the month, as one of my comments reminded me on ysterday’s post.

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month… Where did that come from? We said it often as kids with a literal pinch, and, quite often, a harder than necessary punch to the arm of our victim.



In the olden days, when one visited the house of gentry on the first of the month, one was offered a pinch of snuff and a glass of punch.

So all that physical pain is/was unnecessary.

 A couple of days ago I mentioned the impending launch of Windows 9. The report came from a news item from The Press, a New Zealand newspaper. The report subsequently disappered amid my speculation that it too would fail like its predecessors, Vista, 7 & 8.

It appears as though I was right, yesterday, I read about the launch of Windows 10, no less.

I still maintain my stance that until they return to XP, nothing will ever be comparable. I am but a humble user, why can’t these high salaried CEOs and shit see what I see?


This is how I see Windows Vista, 7 & 8

Windows versions since XP are like bullshit PC repairs; covered in duct tape trying to hold together.

Each new version people get sucked in, “this time we’ve got it right.” And, they haven’t.

China for example has refused to install any version other than XP in government PCs and Laptops. If the Chinese see it that way, there must be something to it.

Windows 10 will be no better.

On-line dating. What a load of codswallop. I would/have never contemplate resorting to the internet for the purposes of finding a partner. If I can’t find one in the real world, then I’d prefer to give up. Even before the advent of the internet, dating agencies, to me, were just a crock o’ shit.

Ebola! Everybody poo pooed the idea of ebola reaching the US, or anywhere outside Africa. The first case has appeared in Texas. A man returning from Liberia, began to suffer the symptoms; two days later he sought help, it was then a further two days before he was interned. Four days… how many people did he infect in those four days? Well find out soon enough. Deaths have risen above the 3,000 mark in Africa, it is spreading further and faster.

The day is dull and cool. The weatherman got it wrong again for yesterday; it didn’t reach the expected high and we got a little rain in the evening, right when I left home for work. It was gone by the time I returned.

Day off today, plenty of time at the wheel. Posts are planned, as is Nap-fu practice.

Lunch will be rump steak schnitzel, with whatever I feel like doing at the time. I am thinking mashed parsley potatoes, and mustard sauce… and a beverage. I think it would have to be something classier than beer.

New record, a recent post Muggy clicked over to 22 likes, and there was no sex involved. It was about my underpants, Japanese whaling and Scots independence… go figure.

I must blog along. This is four down, five to go.