Cordon Bleurger

Cordon Bleurger

I cancelled the idea of lunch yesterday. Instead I made Cordon Bleurgers; a hamburger with chopped weinerschnitzel, ham and cream cheese.

What I had planned for yesterday, I had today when I felt a little more energetic.

Remember the US Ebola case I mentioned yesterday. Well, it turns out that the guy had contact with at least 100 people, who are now all under house quarantine and observation.

Now the question remains, how many people did they have contact with? Although, they have said the people are only infectious once symptoms have manifested. Is that a guarantee?

New season blossom buds have appeared on my big guava tree… looks like I will have a bumper crop. Last season was the first and had many, but sparse.

Heavy rain woke me at 5am. I tried to ignore it and rolled over. Looks like we are about to get a promised weather change later today. The clouds are rolling in, it is cooling rapidly and darkening already at 3pm.

Nice to see that the Nobel Peace Forum due to be held in South Africa next week has been cancelled there and will be held in another country. Why? SA refused the Dalai Lama a visa, obviously at the behest of China.

China is getting nervous over the protests in Hong Kong and urges the colony to take a tougher stance as numbers swell over the hoilday, and look as though they are not going to go away. Will we yet have another Tiananmen?

Grace Mugabe, wife of the imcumbent despot, enrolled in Zimbabwe University and two months later walked out with a PhD. The people are suspicious; she’s not that biliiant a scholar. Her husband is also the chancellor… Do you smell something fishy?

Another problem… Hundreds of girls and women are going missing in the west, reappearing in Iraq and Syria to bear children for the caliphate”TheGuardian. The caliphate is the supreme leader of IS.

So the world is still on course for a dismal end.

No port, no storm today. I have class at 4pm.

Before I go….