It’s true, a whole Wednesday has passed me by.

I have been waiting for something to happen, or inspiration to stike, but nothing.

A trip to the supermarket, there was a BBQ at the botequim, so I threw some meat on it. I tried a new beer ‘Jade’, it was bloody awful. Won’t be buying that in a hurry.

I did the dishes…. now there was a moment’s excitement. That even surpassed watering the plants.

Time vortex

Time vortex

My clock has been going backwards. I’ve never seen that before. It’s like the dead batteries are sucking the time back.

I wonder if that’s where my inspirtaion went?

Sucked back into the vortices of time. Probably somewhen on the Tardis.

Damn Time Lords!

Footy is on soon. Flamngo vs Botafogo. I will go to the botequim to watch that and probably have a beer while doing so.

The first ebola patient outside Africa has died. This is going to get serious.

The girl from Mars

The girl from Mars

There’s been a bit of hype lately about sending humans to Mars…

Mars mission: Could US girl, 13, be first on red planet?

“Alyssa Carson has big dreams. At the age of 13 she is determined to be the first person to land on Mars.”BBCNews

As a parent, what would you do if your kid waltzed in and announced she was off to Mars?

Laugh it off as wishful thinking.

“But this is more than wishful thinking – Nasa thinks she stands a chance and she is already in training. “

There’s nothing like ambition.

A blog post had me in fits today. I’ve seen it before, but it’s just so funny. I found it on Englishman in Italy which is a really great blog.